Agreeing to the fact that COVID -19 is the new normal many organisations are making a huge shift in their working patterns. Though work from home is no new culture but earlier it was only to few employees and that to in emergency situations. Now working from remote areas is the need of the time. Companies are trying to organise various activities like, virtual meets over coffee/lunches, video conferencing to keep their employees motivated and positive.

Honestly, it is very difficult for organisations as well to keep up that spirit as allowing one or two employees to work from home is entirely different than shifting everybody to remote areas and managing the tasks.

Although work from home comes with a lot of benefits but you all will agree that working from remote areas has its own pros and cons. Researchers have also stated that nearly 40 – 45% of the employees that are working from home are highly stressed as compared to office employees.

This work stress while working from home mainly happens due to the ‘24×7’ availability and the ease of access mainly the technology.

The Major Challenges that employees face:

This ‘work from home’ can be exciting and overwhelming for a while but slowly it will occur monotonously Here are a few reasons why this can be boring in the long run.

1. Accepting the reality

You may be a star performer but now the truth is that you can’t be as productive as you were while working in the office. So it is better to accept this reality and do not put too much burden of expectations on yourself. Learn to politely refuse your colleagues if they try to transfer their work to you.

2. Meeting the Expectations of the Boss

It’s very natural that you will have stress if you are not well acquainted with what task your boss wants you to accomplish. It may happen that you are unavailable for some time, in that case, talk clearly to your boss and try to make notes of the tasks. In trying to please the boss never demand extra work which you can not complete within the given deadlines.

3. Too many distractions

Let’s agree to the fact that offices are meant to be a place where there is less distraction but now that you have to work from home so there is no point in stressing over distractions. These distractions can be kids playing around, maybe high volume of the television, etc. Are bound to give you work stress while working from home.

4. Being Isolated

Offices were the place where you were able to socialise apart from working. Earlier, you were able to meet your friends and colleagues at the office. Having a conversation over a cup of coffee/tea was very much relaxing, but now you never know when that time will return back.

5. The feeling of being unheard or misunderstood

The biggest insecurity of any employee is the fear of being unheard this can also rise to stress while working from home. It can happen due to certain instances there can be misunderstanding between your boss/colleague as face to face conversation has a different impression than a telephonic or email conversations.

6. Long Sitting Hours

If you are a workaholic then sitting for longer duration to work can be physically and mentally exhausting. We lose the track of time while working and by doing so we are highly doing injustice to our mind and body. Remember to take small breaks while working.

Some Tips to handle stress while working from Home:

Now that we know the problem so it is the work of the wise to find the solution and implement it. So here are some tips for all of us to be stress free while we work from the comfort of our home.

1. Plan and create a Routine for yourself

Earlier your routine was fixed that say, 9 am you would leave for the office commute for an hour or so then after reaching attend the morning brief and then being with work but now that is obviously not possible. So try to maintain the routine that you use to have at office even at home.

Get Dressed no matter even if it means just changing your pyjamas and putting a fresh one on. Even have your coffee and favourite breakfast before you begin working on your tasks. Don’t forget have timely lunch breaks and have delicious lunch. In this way you would be handling things efficiently and would be productive at the same time.

2. Reduce Distractions

The best way to handle stress while working from home is to reduce your distractions. No matter how big small is your house, just find that one corner where you can work comfortably. Ask your family members or roommates not to disturb you for a certain period of time while you are working. If you have kids around then try to keep them busy with some activities.

It is ok to check social media in between work or attend a call from friend or family but remember these can be energy drainers. So say a big No to 24*7 social media and politely tell your callers that if there is nothing very urgent then you would give call back once you are done with your office assignments.

3. Emotions are equally Important

Now that you are not having face to face discussion so it really important that you understand others emotions and make yours understand as well. Be polite while have telephonic discussions, make use of an appropriate language while writing mails don’t use harsh words. Even during video meetings try to watch out your tone. As all these factors equally have effect on your mental health.

4. Stay Active and Hydrated

It doesn’t matters whether you are in your pyjamas it is always advised to be active – take small “desk breaks” as you used to take in your office have small conversation with colleagues regarding work stuff. Doing some exercises is also recommended; you can download some yoga or other exercise app or watch online videos and perform the exercise. Physical activities are also helpful to keep the stress away.
It is important to drink plenty of water during the day. Replace your coffee habit with healthy juices. This will keep you hydrated all day.

In this difficult time it is perfectly fine to be sad or overwhelmed but remember it is always important to stay positive even when it feels that things are falling apart. Accepting and finding ways to handle stress while working from home is very important. Let’s stay connected virtually in this hard time rather than physically connecting.

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