Festivities are upon us and so is the responsibility to celebrate Diwali while keeping safety to be the most important aspect. The current times are testing but there is a way out too – you can celebrate the festivities virtually! The year 2020 shall be remembered as the year in which you celebrated Virtual Diwali Party on Zoom.

Scroll through to check out these fun ways to tick the ‘Celebrated a festival virtually during the WFH times’ column from your 2020 bucket list.

1. Online Diwali themed Games and Activities:

Racing to Lanka:

A super fun competitive and elimination game where the participants have to make Diwali mythological poses, do festive runs, and tasks to reach Lanka.

Who’s your diya?!

A gratitude building activity for all the employees. Give special shoutouts to your colleagues whom you are grateful for. A little gratitude exercise goes a long way, after all.

2. Virtual Diwali Party Performances:

LED Poi Light Performance:

We all are gonna miss the tradition of decorating our office space with bright diyas and lamps in an online celebration. A wonderful substitute can be watching a performance by a professional LED Poi artist. Poi is a dance form that uses LED lights and their swinging in rhythmic patterns. Watching bright and colorful lights forming enchanting patterns on your screens will be your diya lighting and fireworks equivalent.

Folk Dance Performance:

Diwali Competition ideas – This Diwali, celebrate the culture of India. A folk dance performance makes for an exciting choice. You can opt-in for a professional artist or have your team members prepare an art performance based on the regional culture they belong to. Cultural exchange brings about a different and positive level of camaraderie among team members. So go ahead and have fun and frolic with folk arts.

Zoom Musical Concert:

Gather your loved ones and immerse yourself in the melodious ambiance created by a Bollywood / Sufi musician – you can either hire one or have the singer of the organization take the stage. Jam-along, turn on the flashlights of your phones and sway to the beats.

3. Bollyboom Fusion Dance Party

Every grand office party is incomplete without some twisting and twirling. This time around, you do that online – from the safety of your home. Infuse in some Bollywood flavor and have a cracker of an online Diwali Party.  Pro Tip – Plan the playlist in advance.

4. X-Factor

Make these elements the USP and the X-Factor of your party to generate a buzz among your team members.

Online Magic show

Have a magic show lined up for the curious child in you and for the kids in the audience. Replace crackers with classic tricks and sleight of hand of a magician. Pro Tip – Book a magician well in advance as Virtual Diwali Party festivities are in high demand this year.

Family Day, This Diwali

Invite family members and partners of your employees and make it a warm and cherishable affair.

Online Gift Exchange

Diwali is all about spreading happiness, exchanging gifts, and good wishes. Give away online shopping coupons to have a ‘Secret Santa’ equivalent for Diwali.

5. Patakha Awards Night

Utilize this opportunity to award the vibrant ‘Phuljhadis’ and enterprising and resourceful ‘Rockets’ of your organization. Look out for cool ‘Chakris’ and hardworking badass ‘bombs’ too.

You can have all the crackers and a green Diwali too at the same time.

6. Bonus Idea: Online Ethnic Fashion Show

Set and follow the ethnic dress code at your online party as well as you did in the office workspace. Take that ethnic outfit out of the closet and gear up for the festivities with your team. Award the best dressed and most participating ones.

To make the fashion show the most happening one, create a festive playlist to be played when the employees are walking the online ramp.

As the spotlight comes on an employee, get them to create a super funny face/action. More points for being creative, and joining the fashion show with spouses.

Online Diwali Party Execution:

All of this sounds like a solid plan, but organizing it is a Herculean task. That’s where SOSParty can help you out.

We bring you a Online Diwali Party which is an assortment of Diwali rituals, engaging games, Diwali themed activities and is loaded with fun.

Activity details
Activity typeTime
Intro and icebreakers
– Saving Sita Scavengers Hunt
– Go Ethnic Fashion Show-Prizes to be won
10 minutes
Folk Dance Performance
– A folk dance offering by a trained professional dancer
10 minutes
Bolly Boom Dance Party
– Fusion Dance Party on Bollywood beats from the ’80s and ’00s
– Couple dance
– musical chairs
20 minutes
Kuch Meetha ho jaye
– game
– prizes to be won
5 minutes
Racing to Lanka games
– game
– prizes to be wo
10 minutes
Musical concert
– Live musical concert with Bollywood Medleys
15 minutes
LED Poi performance5 minutes
Pataka awards
– Prizes to be won
10 minutes
Who’s your diya?!
– Gratitude building in employees
5 minutes
– Thanking and wishing everyone
– Dance
10 minutes
Buffer15 minutes
Total95 minutes
Fun add-ons
After party videoOur editor-pros will make an epic after-party video of your team’s event. The video is a fun memento your people can share with family and friends, and you can use it for recruiting.
MagicianA trained magician with mind-blowing tricks to make your Diwali celebration more grand!
For all the details, check out