In the times of WFH, if you want to celebrate a super New Year’s party, just like you did during the mask less times, you won’t have to compromise on your safety provided you are partying virtually- from the safety of your homes. Everything stays the same, the excitement, the workplace traditions, and the company of your work friends. It’s easier to accommodate a lot of elements in the virtual world than in the real counterpart, the same is true of the celebration. 

The following guide decodes how to organize the best New Year’s Eve Office party virtually. Check out these few new year party ideas before you organize a NYE party.

Here are Top 10 Best Virtual New Year Eve Party Ideas For Office Employees 

1) Jog Your Memory

Make a game out of your best moments from 2020. There must be many if you think about it. Have your team members express gratitude for everything they are thankful for and you have a brilliant ice breaker for your party. 

2)  Your company’s Own Virtual Fashion Show

Set a theme and a dress code for your party. Since it’s Christmas, you may dress as angels in white or as elves in green. Be Santa’s own army. Get together, play music and spotlight those who’re posing. Make a virtual fashion show out of it and award the best dressed and the best poser.

3) Sprinkle some magic fairy dust on the upcoming year


Get a mentalist or an illusionist on board and add the element of surprise and magic to your New Year’s event. Evoke your nostalgia from childhood and let the children scratch their head in awe and disbelief. You can also arrange to learn some tricks that appeal to your inner Houdini.

4) Invite a Standup Comedian – LOL your way into 2021

Invite a stand-up comedian to make your virtual party hilarious. An artist with clever puns and hilarious jokes will add laughter and giggles to your celebration and these are the two most important ingredients for a party that proves to be a success. You can host a roast as well to spice up your party. A light-hearted roast will be a hit with the couples in the audience. Make the performance interactive to make it more fun. Alternatively, you may find a comic talent at your organization and let them be in the spotlight. A brilliant employee morale boost hack!

5) Watch a Fire Show Live

New year party ideas: A fire dance artist will prove to be a brilliant addition to jazz up the party. Enjoy the performance of an artist playing and dancing with fire. Watch the fire patterns follow the swift moves of the dancer and be mesmerized. This is certainly something you could not have enjoyed from indoors if it weren’t for 2020.

6) Host a NYE Musical Concert

Going to a concert on New Year’s Eve is the dream. But super exorbitant prices of the tickets and maddening crowds stop you somehow. None of it would be an issue if you hire a band for your virtual party. Pick a genre and finalize an artist/artists to make your party rocking. Enjoying a concert with your work friends, from your couch- now that sounds like a better plan, doesn’t it?

7) Know what 2021 holds for you – Live Tarot Readings

Hiring a tarot card reader will not only be fun but an excellent team building activity. A shared hope for a bright new year ought to be a conversation starter and something to bond on. The tarot card reader will predict angel messages for your team and your colleagues can ask career or personal life questions and get awesome predictions done about their future.

8) Begin the New Year with Bingo

Prepare a game of Bingo with options curated from your office anecdotes and inside jokes. Consider using options like

  • Broke resolutions within the first three days of the new year
  • Never missed an NYE party
  • Carries own party favours to parties
  • Finished all snacks single handedly
  • Slept during a Zoom meeting but never during a Zoom Party

 Witness the spirits go up the roof with laughter and giggles over shared memories.

9)  Two Resolutions One Lie

This guessing game will have participants state three resolutions out of which one will be a lie. Excellent to make memories and team bonding- alike.

10)  The Exotic X Factor

To jazz up your party all the more, onboard a Fanveil or LED Poi Dance artist. Fanveil is a prop that is used by dance experts while performing and its movement compliments that of the performer’s.

LED Poi is a prop where heavy weighted LED lights are tethered at the ends of ropes and the performance is centered on the movement of the LED lights.

 These two dance forms are all about grace, composure and clean movements and would definitely leave the audience spellbound.

These are the ingredients for the recipe for a super cool NYE party. However, executing and organizing may be a task. SOSParty is here to curate this event for you and here’s how you can get this spectacular party for free.