The organization is putting enormous effort to attract a highly skilled candidates.

If these are the things happening in your organization then your employee engagement is low :

  • High Absenteeism Level– If your employee is mostly on holiday then you have to think twice.
  • Employees not Happy at workplace
  • If employee engagement is getting low day by day then your cost will rise.

Why Employee Engagement is necessary?

The employee has an enormous cost attached to them. And if the talent leaves the company, then it will be an immense loss to the organization, and hiring a newly skilled person will take time and also delay the project.

How Can you boost employee engagement for the employees working from home?

We at SOS got you covered, we have conducted many activities that have boosted employee engagement.

Making an employee feel the same in an office, and sharing love and affection will boost employee engagement. Communication with the employee is necessary. Have some fun activities with peer workers for example. Bingo game, Online cooking, dance program and let them learn a new skill like salsa dance, etc.

To ensure the employee engagement, participation is very must. Encourage and say thank for their work as these small things could make an impact.

Praising your workers is the most significant task. Many companies fail at this and mostly in the case where the employee is working from home. You could send them gifts or celebrate their birthday.

The spark for an engaged workforce:

Take some interest in your workers and try to know their capabilities employee should not be just treated as the asset of the company, spend some time with them and have a meeting with them if they are working from home.

Giving them a good exposure

The exposure like office culture, product and service offered by the company also plays a huge role in employee engagement, I will tell you how. The greater the product and service you deliver, the better you feel and will not feel frustrated while working.

Quick Handling of Issue

Employees are not going to savage the business in the way a disgruntled customer might on social media. But responding to problems quickly shows people they are respected. Just as you would for consumer problems, listen to them and try to fix their issues.

Appreciate their work

However praising of the work, could be done through by giving them recognition in an office meeting or small gifts to them and try to connect with them emotionally.

For two factors, company-wide programs such as providing nutritious food choices and offering (virtual) fitness classes have been shown to improve well-being, morale and productivity: workers are in better health and less depressed and, they are grateful because they feel appreciated.

Looking at the better Picture
The employees also think that they are making an impact, on the world by making small and positive differences just as consumers. They want to show that the organization will be contributing to building and developing a local area and the great world.

Is there a budget that you can send to each worker to contribute to their chosen charity? Will the firm donate to volunteer a certain number of days of the person’s time?

“These were the small techniques that could boost employee engagement and also boost productivity. We at SOS also focuses on building strong employee engagement and productivity”.