Celebrate the constitution and our wonderful country- virtually Republic Day Celebration. Be safe and exemplary of an ideal citizen with a responsible celebration. Scroll through if you want a memorable Online Republic Day Celebration  experience for your team.

Here are 9 Virtual Games Ideas for Indian Republic Day Celebration in Office

1. Bharat Hamko Jaan Se Pyara hai

Have a themed musical concert organized and enjoy with your team as you listen to the classic patriotic numbers. Flash your mobile torches and sway along with the melodious tunes of the musician. A talented employee/s can be given the center stage or you can rope in musicians and vocalists from here.

2. Fly the Tricolor High

Mark the Virtual Republic Day Celebrations complete by hoisting the national flag. You may do so by hoisting the flag virtually. You can share the screen and hoist an animated flag. A lot of websites are available where you can do this activity virtually. Check an example of the same here. Alternatively, the person designated to do so at your office may unfurl the tricolor live while following the proper code of conduct.

3. How’s The Josh?

Fun tasks and challenges can be planned for the audience keeping in mind the theme. Some games that can be fun are listed below

  • A. Who Said It?

Give a quote to the audience and one to reply first wins. You may pick out quotes said by eminent freedom fighters and adjust the difficulty level as you fancy.

  • B. Indian Map, before GPS-

Check the participants’ knowledge about Indian Geography and ask fun trivia questions about the country map. You may show a map of a state or city and the one to identify the quickest wins.

  • C. Word Search-

Share your screen and show a jumble mat of words to the audience. Those who find the most words the quickest win. The words such as Constitution, January, National may be used.

4.Escape Room Puzzle

Divide the audience into two teams. Create breakout rooms and provide clues that help participants escape the breakout room. Center it around the constitution and its articles to make it more themed. Make sure to send out a memo that requests participants to come well prepared.

5. Bhartiya Sangeet ki Shaam

Adopt an Indian way of celebration as you onboard an Indian Instrumental artist. Instruments such as Ghatam, Tabla, Sitar, etc sound mellifluous and give your team a holistic Indian experience. If you want to hire such artists, visit this link

6. Shastriya Devesh –

Cherish a mesmerizing classical dance performance with your team. Art forms that our country boasts of will make you only prouder of being an Indian. Classical dance performances such as Odissi, Kathak, or Bharatanatyam experts can be hired here

7. The R Day Dance Station-

A dance party on patriotic numbers sounds like an offbeat plan. Hire a Zumba Expert and add a feel-good factor to your celebrations. Add fun dance face-off challenges to make it more exciting.

8.India of My Dreams-

Dedicate a section to discuss amongst your team how India of their dreams looks like and what your organization can do to build the country of your dreams. This activity will bring your team closer and may lead you to find some new goals to achieve.

9.Rendejvous with a Real-Life Hero

Invite an eminent member of our society who has battled challenges and emerged victorious to bring a huge positive change in that domain. Draw inspiration as you hear their life journey and resolve to be an ideal citizen this Republic Day. These virtual Republic day celebration ideas for Corporates are helping you keep online employee engagement activities among your workers.