Are you looking for fun outdoor team building activities to boost your employees’ excitement? Then you are at the right place. You know team building is most important this time, right! Because it is a great way to build a strong relationship between colleagues. And also sharpening the variety of skills including communication & problem-solving. Getting out of the office and being in the fresh air refreshes employees’ minds and reduces their stress. 

So, what outdoor team building activities can you do with your employees? There are a variety of outdoor corporate activities. But in this article, we will discuss the easiest, quick and most fun outdoor team building activities. So let’s get started. 

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Let’s go through with them.

SOS Presents 7 Incredible Outdoor Team Building Activities Ideas For Employees

1. The Human Knot

It is the best corporate outdoor team building activity and it requires a large amount of space. Your group reaches out their hands, crosses their arms, and grips the hand of someone else in the circle in the human knot. Then works to untie the knot completely without releasing their hands. Your team will learn to accept each other’s views and work together as they plan on how to move.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is one of the best “outdoor activities corporate team building”. To play this game, you can create a list of clues, and then choose a location to hide those clues. The distance should be far enough between the clues and employees. Set a limit of time to find the clues, and separate your employees into groups. Whoever can find the clues in the given time is the winner. 

3. Campfire Stories

if you’ve ever gone on a night trip with your family, friends, or coworkers, you probably sing, dance, and tell stories. Team building activities can be done in the same way. You’ll be able to learn more about your employees and share new experiences with them. This is one of the most effective & fun outdoor team-building activities.

4. Stargazing

Plan a stargazing activity if your team-building day extends into the night, where your group can search for constellations, watch meteor showers, and observe other astronomical phenomena. This is an amazing outdoor corporate activities that can expose your team to new experiences while also providing them with interesting conversation starters to help them form bonds.

5. Hiking

Hiking is one of the best outdoor team building ideas. You and your team can go on a hike, see some wildlife, and bond while admiring the scenery. Simply choose a route, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a map, and snacks, and set out into the wilderness with your friends. You can take team photos at scenic overlooks.

6. Outdoor Camping

Camping can be a fantastic offsite team building activity for work. Setting up camp necessarily requires planning and cooperation. After assembling tents, securing supplies, and preparing food, campers can bond by telling stories or singing around the campfire, hiking, swimming, or playing outdoor games.

7. Graffiti Team Building

Graffiti is one of the unique outdoor team building activities for corporates. To begin this, gather a canvas, such as a paintable wall or one that will be demolished soon, a car on its way to the junkyard, a piece of sheetrock or sheet metal, or a freestanding brick wall. Then give your employees several spray paint cans and complete freedom to paint on the canvas. Making stencils is a good idea, but if your team is artistic, the design can also be freehand.

This activity is exciting because graffiti is usually a typical taboo, and it also allows employees to express themselves creatively. The group can collaborate to create a single design or cover the space with a collage of different designs.


We will discuss the best quick outdoor team building activities above. Employees are most excited to participate in these kinds of team building activities outside of the office. And, We hope these above outdoor games for employees amazed you. So, what are you thinking of? Plan some fun outdoor team building activities for employees and surprise them. 

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