For employees, the workplace is their home. As they spent a third of their lives at work. But office life does not have to be all about the mind-numbing duties and separated cubicles. That’s why most companies are looking for some fun offsite team building activities to engage their employees. 

The benefits of offsite team building activities for office are numerous. These team offsite games not only help to develop employees’ communication skills but also help to increase their morale, productivity & boost their motivation and successful collaboration. 

In this article, we will discuss some 8 Fun offsite team building activities ideas to engage your employees. So, let’s discuss them. 

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Let’s get started. But first, let’s take a brief overview of offsite team building

What is Offsite Team Building ?

Offsite team building or Team Outings means partnering with your employees away from the office environment. This can be a refreshing change for them with less interruption and also reduce employee stress. These team offsite activities help to engage your employees. 

To challenge & energies employees, many companies organize offsite team building activities like rafting, rock climbing, and bungee jumping, etc. These fun team offsite ideas can create a high level of collaboration. 

Here are some benefits of these fun offsite activities listed below. Let’s go through with them. 

Benefits Of Offsite Team Building Activities for Corporates

Increase Employee Engagement

One of the reasons that employee quit their jobs and leave the company is that they don’t feel connected to the people they work with. These offsite event ideas provide the opportunity outside the office to learn more about the employees’ interests, skills & passion.

An offsite team event helps to connect your employees with the people they don’t work with regularly. These offsite team building activities are the best to increase employee engagement. 

Increase Employee Retention

It is hard to retain good employees in today’s labor market. These offsite team activities allow you to show your personal side and give recognition & also to know the people you work with. Learning about your employees outside the office enhances & increases employee retention. And also helps you to become a great leader. 

Build A Strong Working Environment

These offsite events are not just for getting know to each other. But also help employees how to communicate better and solve challenges & build trust. Also, these Digital team building activities give you an environment where everyone wants to work together and make a better-performing team.  

Boost Productivity

Getting away from the office can do wonders for team productivity. The employees having fun together outside the office help to make a great team. This can result in unity and allow the employees to work in the same direction openly. This way these offsite event ideas help to boost employees’ productivity and morale. 

The Unique Offsite Team Building Ideas and Activities

Offsite events, team outings, family picnics, and corporate retreats, leadership planning sessions offer many opportunities to boost employees’ morale and productivity. Here are some Offsite team building ideas listed below.

Campfire Stories

You all get the point after reading this activity name. If you ever went on a night trip with your family, friends, and colleagues, you probably sing, dance, and tell stories. You can do the same for team building activities. You can learn new things about your employees & share new experiences with them. This is one of the best team bonding exercises for employees

Game Trivia

It is one of the best team offsite icebreakers. It can’t hurt to learn interesting new facts about your office, product, or service in creative and fun ways. Create five questions for each of the six categories to begin. These include general topics like ‘work-life balance,’ ‘name that dog, and so on. “How many dogs with the name Sparky roam our offices?” to “How many meeting rooms does our company have?” are examples of questions. Divide your employees into groups and read the questions to them from your manager.

Escape Room

This is an awesome team-building exercise that never gets old. Various themed escape rooms can be found in many cities. Alternatively, make your own in a conference room or an open area. After all, the concept is the same: you have a limited time to find clues and solve puzzles to achieve one common goal: escape! In fact, studies show that those who play games learn more effectively.

Fun Run

Running a few laps around the park can help employees feel more alive, reduce stress, and improve their mental health. But what can be better than that? While supporting a good cause, you can run with your teammates. Don’t be fooled by the activity’s name; you don’t have to run like the wind; you can even walk alongside a team member and make conversation.


We have discussed the offsite team buildings activities above. And, we hope these fun offsite activities encourage you! So don’t waste any time and organize a fun offsite event for your employees or else contact us. 

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