March 8th, celebrated as International Women’s Day around the world stands for acknowledging the value that women we work with, add to our professional lives.  It’s the right time to register your gratitude towards the feminine force that runs your organization.

 You can try different things to make this day unique and memorable for your female team members. 

IWD Special RnR

Organize a women-centric RnR where in you award female employees for their different strengths and abilities. Recognize the resilient ones and the ones with the rare virtue of ingenuity. This will send an ecouraging message that women are recognized at your organization not only for the goals they accomplish but also for the traits it takes to be a winner.

Dedicate a Segment for Her ‘Me Time’

Onboard a wellness expert who can talk about the importance of setting aside some minutes off your ladies’ busy schedule. Use this opportunity to come up with a dedicated time slot of 15-20 minutes during work hours. Your employees may use that time window to unwind, relax and catch a break during hectic work hours. So, this ‘She Time’ can be your present to your female employees this IWD.

Additionally, you can have an engaging session with health experts and let women realize that health is wealth. You can have a QnA session on healthy swaps, quick workout routines, or even figuring out the maintenance calories for your employees. Here, you can check out some online employee wellness activities.

Movie Marathon

Pick up the best women-centric films of our times and live to stream that for your team. There are many platforms and apps that let you live stream movies to watch with a group of other people. You can appeal to the inner film critic of your team members. That will be the basis of a stimulating conversation and hence team bonding.

Men for Upliftment of Women

On this International Women’s Day, you can have some gender roles shattered with unconventional activities planned for men. For instance, you can onboard Origami experts, chefs, and makeup artists and arrange for a virtual hobby class for your team. You may also arrange for competitions at the end of the classes and reward the winner.

This was a little sneak peek into what SOSParty can plan for you this Women’s Day. 

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Activity Details

Activity typeTime
Let’s celebrate the womanhood –Opening the evening with the super soothing live musical performance5 mins
Who Runs The World? Girls! -Listen and be inspired as a female motivation coach joins in to share her inspiring journey of struggle, life battles, and victories-Fun activities20 mins
OR Breathe in Happiness, breathe out worries -Your health is like a bank account. Good health choices are good investments -We onboard a professional Wellness, Yoga and Meditation Expert for you to clear all your doubts & guide you about practicing the art of sustainable and mindful living-Got questions, bring them in!20 mins
The world-class belly dance performance – Now it’s time for you to relax and watch the world-class SOS Belly Dance Experts performance -The first of its kind SOS experience curated especially for you5 mins
Rock & Roll -Enjoy the live music concert with your favorite beverage -Don’t think twice to sing melodious tunes with our expert female musician15 mins
Super Puppet, Super Fun -Enjoy the rare art of Ventriloquism with our female expert as she puts up a hilarious comedy routine with her puppet15 mins
Ending – Thanking and wishing everyone5 mins
Buffer10 mins
Total75 mins

Virtual International Women’s Day Celebration Lineup by SOSParty

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