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Best Ideas to Celebrate International Women’s Day Virtually

Best Ideas to Celebrate International Women’s Day Virtually

This day is observed to celebrate all the struggles and tribulations that women have gone through over the years to gain the present status of independence they have. 

This day serves as a reminder of how far we have come from winning a universal adult franchise to seeking fair workplace pay. 

 International women’s day should be celebrated everywhere thus. If you are looking to celebrate this special day with new ideas virtually, we have you all figured out.

1. Thank all the women in your life 

Thanks to all the women in your life on this international women's day

It is time to thank the people who are your cheerleaders in life. It might be your mother, your girlfriend, your best friend, your classmate, your colleague, or even a neighbor whose kindness made you smile at that time. Speak to them and tell them all about how somewhere in the past they have brightened your day. 

2. Charity

Do Charities on this international women's day

You may concentrate on women-centered or leadership charities, but that is not necessary. The objective is to do some good and give back to society. For making this day unique and memorable, donate something according to your capability in a credible organization of your choice. 

On this women’s day drive along with your friends to donate something like books, cloth, or anything you like. However, it would be a memorable day. Nevertheless, you and they will also be motivated by listening to stories of real-life sheroes.

3. Contests

Contest for international women's day celebration

They align with female-centered content in which you ask your female followers and subscribers to share a quote. You may also perform quizzes, giveaway contests, or ask women to share their stories of resilience. 

The possibilities are limitless for virtual women’s day celebrations.

4. Online Interaction Session

Cooking Game

Set up an online interactive session with writers, leaders, or anyone. Have complete webinars and interactive sessions. There can be a QnA session at the end.

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    Rock & Roll

    -Enjoy the live music concert with your favorite beverage

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    15 mins

    Super Puppet, Super Fun

    -Enjoy the rare art of Ventriloquism with our female expert as she puts up a hilarious comedy routine with her puppet

    15 mins
    – Thanking and wishing everyone
    5 mins
    Buffer 10 mins
    Total 75 mins
    Virtual International Women’s Day Celebration Lineup by SOSParty

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