This day is observed to celebrate all struggles and hardships that women have gone through over the years to gain independence. The main purpose of women’s day is to celebrate women’s achievements and promote women’s rights, gender fairness, and equality. 

This holiday is an opportunity for the HRs and Managers to engage their remote teams through virtual team building celebration and boost their morale. In this article, we have included a list of some virtual ideas for women’s day celebrations, Women’s day games, and women’s day contest ideas.

The List Of Women’s Day Activities, Ideas, and Games


Storytelling workshops are the best workshops for Women’s Day, and it is an opportunity for women to share their experiences. This virtual workshop is a minutes, entirely convenient seminar that teaches attendees the proprietary framework for crafting influential stories. After the host outlines the techniques and displays the format, participants will create their pieces. The event ends with story sharing and group discussion. Story-telling workshops encourage development and creative experimentation in a safe environment, provide confidence and facilitate the connection between coworkers.

Women’s Day Bingo

Bingo is a fun team-building game that facilitates casual interaction between remote coworkers. Women’s Day bingo inspires teammates to learn more about the women they work within both personal and business contexts.

First, each employee creates a bingo card. Then, plan a time to play perfectly. Participants will chat and ask questions, and each time they meet a female colleague who meets the criteria, they will mark a class. Or, you can also give cards in the morning and urge coworkers to chat with each other throughout the workday.

Women’s Day Party

Hosting a party is a way to celebrate International Women’s Day. Just block an hour or two where colleagues can either virtually or in-person gather, and engage in fun activities together.

Here are some women’s day party ideas:

=> Give speeches and thank the women within the company.

=>  Create playlists of famous female musicians

=>  Play games like scavenger hunting, trivia, and charioteer

=>  Grab raffles and award

=>  Host a craft session where teammates make cards to send extraordinary women in their lives.

Gifts for Female Colleagues

One way to express thanks to women employees is to give gifts. If you work in a traditional office setting, distribute gifts at colleagues’ desks. If your team is remote, mail the package to your teammates.

For an even more important sign, buy gifts from a business owned by women. You don’t have to limit gifts to female employees. You can give a token of appreciation to all employees in honor of the holiday.

Thank-You Campaigns

Thank you-campaigns are exercises of gratitude that are in tune with the spirit of International Women’s Day. At some point in the day, ask employees to write an email or write a card to a woman that influenced them professionally. It is not necessarily the recipient’s current or former colleague itself, only someone who has affected their career. For example, employees can send thanks to the teacher, community member, or relative. The messages should mention the influence of the recipient.


International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and acknowledge gender injustices. Taking time off from the workday to observe the occasion, including sports, activities, and competitions, underscores the importance of the holiday. Also, Organizing an event for your remote employees will strengthen their bond with the organization and boost their morale. We hope the above ideas will inspire you. Contact Us if you want to organize an event for your remote employees free of cost. 

Activity Details

Activity typeTime
Let’s celebrate the womanhood–Opening the evening with the super soothing live musical performance5 mins
Who Runs The World? Girls!-Listen and be inspired as a female motivation coach joins in to share her inspiring journey of struggle, life battles, and victories-Fun activities20 mins
OR Breathe in Happiness, breathe out worries-Your health is like a bank account. Good health choices are good investments-We onboard a professional Wellness, Yoga and Meditation Expert for you to clear all your doubts & guide you about practicing the art of sustainable and mindful living-Got questions, bring them in!20 mins
The world-class belly dance performance
– Now it’s time for you to relax and watch the world-class SOS Belly Dance Experts performance-The first of its kind SOS experience curated especially for you
5 mins
Rock & Roll-Enjoy the live music concert with your favorite beverage-Don’t think twice to sing on melodious tunes with our expert female musician15 mins
Super Puppet, Super Fun-Enjoy the rare art of Ventriloquism with our female expert as she puts up a hilarious comedy routine with her puppet15 mins
– Thanking and wishing everyone
5 mins
Buffer10 mins
Total75 mins

Virtual International Women’s Day Celebration Lineup by SOSParty

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