11 Creative Virtual Employee Engagement Activities & Ideas 2021

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As the Coronavirus hit the world, the world has no other option than to work remotely.  In this blog, we discuss How to engage work from home employees with fun activities & ideas for 2021.  However, in this period the Company HR manager has to work on increasing employee efficiency and productivity through virtual employee engagement activities.

Why Focus “Virtual Employee Engagement Activities” Today?

Hiring and retention are critical to staying ahead in the battle for talent. Because of the rapid speed at which today’s companies and corporate industries are changing, managers, experts, and organizations are searching for virtual employee engagement activities ideas and better ways to function.

Telecommuting is becoming more common. Nonetheless, telecommuting necessitates significant changes. Employee retention and talent development, however, remain top priorities in both business models. Employee involvement is a contributing factor in this case.

What are the factors getting affected?

  • Productivity- The person working in a team will show more productivity.
  • Skipping- If employees are happy and engagement is high, they would not take unnecessary leaves.
  • Results- The happy and team player person gives enhanced and satisfactory performance.

Online team-building ideas remote employees are necessary for motivating the employees to achieve the desired results of performance.

Why Online team-building ideas for office importance So Much?

  • No Social Activities,
  • Conversation over the phone has made a relaxed attitude,
  • Monitoring work is also not possible.

Here are, 11 creative Virtual engagement activities for office employees

Let us look at some mind Blowing engagement activity

1. A Sense Of Belongingness

An employee should get a sense of belongingness and should not feel left out or isolated. Besides the regular meeting and conversation at some point in time, they feel isolated or missed out.

Managers must ensure that the employees are feeling happy and, they should always stay motivated.

2. Practical Measures

  • Managers must ensure that they create a healthy and positive working environment,
  • There must be an interaction between manager and employee on a regular period,
  • Virtual Activities conducted for employee engagement.

3. Flexible Working with Remote Employees

The biggest advantage of remote working is that people can work from anywhere. A strategy is adopted that employees could pick their schedule. Force working will decrease productivity.

4. Reward System for Employees

Healthy work culture can create when the employee’s work is appreciated from time to time. Can help in building a positive work environment around employees and, they will also get motivated.

5. Talk Show with Experts

Delight your work-from-home team members by bringing to them an expert consultant panel who has represented the popular organization at a national level. Employees can ask anything they want.

  • About their struggling period
  • All about their strongest competitors
  • Their famous and nervous moments
  • Expectations pressure
  • How does it feel like to be popular

6. Success Stories by Corporate Leader

Success Stories by Corporate Leader

Employees feel motivated when they hear success stories from their domain. The professional team would head this event; each person has expertise in his/her field.

The employees hear stories from their role models or hero. The session becomes inspirational but also becomes impactful.

7. Mindful Monday– Therapy sessions

The therapy session is the best if your team members and work-from-home employees feeling anxious and stressed out because of work. Led by a certified Movement Therapist, this virtual team activity helps in:

  • Releasing stress
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Enhancing creativity and imagination
  • Relaxing muscles

8. Witty Wednesday– Personal Financial Planning Day

Employees always get confused with their payslips, tax obligations, increments, appraisals, and how to manage/invest their money. Personal Finance Coach who will guide them:

– Decoding Financial Jargon

– Financial Planning, Budgeting, and Goals

– Classifying your money by ease of availability and riskiness

– Savings, insurance, investment

– Planning for emergencies

9. Virtual Travel Party During Covid Time

Take you to a whole truckload of culture and joy through folk dancers, musicians, and a culture expert! A culture expert takes you through the historic culture lanes of the state. Interesting facts about the sartorial and culinary culture, architecture, history, and fun trivia await you!

10. Virtual Festivals Celebrations During Work From Home

Celebrate the festivals with your team virtually this WFH season. To add more fun to the festivities, we have a supercharged Musical Concert for you all. There will be fun and meaningful activities and tasks in the theme to make your team feel more connected.

Your takeaway from this event will be a glorious smile and fond memories which will stay bright for the future.

11. Zoom Happy Hour

Activity should be led by a professional anchor/emcee who will bring in super-fun icebreaker games, engaging activities like 

  • Stand-up Comedy
  • Live Mimicry
  • Online Musical Jamboree
  • Online Karaoke

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Online Best Employee Engagement Activities List by SOS

Activity type Time
Fun Introductions and Icebreakers 15 mins
Celebrating teams
– team formations
– games
15 mins
Dance your heart out
– Zumba/bollybeats
15 mins
Live musical concert
– musical celebration of a work anniversary, birthdays party, and employee achievements
15 mins
– awarding employee booster of the day- dance party
5 mins
Buffer 10 mins
Total 75 mins

Visit for Actionable Best Employee Engagement Games & Fun Activities which are celebrating during the lockdown.

  1. Virtual Team bonding Activity & Games
  2. Virtual Team Bonding Activities
  3. Virtual 90s entertainment-themed team building activities
  4. Online Team Celebration
  5. Virtual Magic Show for Corporates


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