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The new year brings along a lot of hope and optimism. Along with that, a lot of regional festivals. Lohri being one of those festivals which mark the new beginnings and celebration of the same. Sitting around the bonfire singing folk Punjabi songs and munching on popcorn and peanuts is something we look forward to every January. As WFH extends to this year, we bring you 10 fabulous ideas to celebrate virtual Lohri party with your team and enjoy a virtual bonfire

Sunder Mundriye Ho

While celebrating Lohri, keep in mind that traditions are an integral element to the celebration. You can have a singing competition where one group of participants sing regional folk phrases called Tappe or Boliyan and the other group gives out metaphorical treats, in the form of good wishes to their teammates.

Peanut Bobbing

While celebrating Lohri online, not only you get to munch on snacks but also play fun games with them. You can go desi and try Peanut bobbing which is a cousin of famous Halloween game Apple Bobbing. All you have to do is crack as many peanuts as you can in under a minute and eat them without using your hands.A fun spirited game for a spirited team of yours!

Popcorns with Chopsticks

 Lohri Party Decoration Ideas for Office

Enjoy a fun game of finishing a bowl of Popcorns with your teammates. One who eats a whole bowl of popcorn first wins. However, it is not as simple. You have to eat the bowl using chopsticks! Test your motor skills as you crack up while playing this game.

Show Me The Money Game

The game moderator announces numbers at random and participants having cash of the same value win. For instance, the anchor says 6 and the participants carrying 1 five and a one-rupee coin win. The USP of this game lies in matching the odds and playing along the randomness.

The Bhangra Boliyan Bash

Experience the true spirit of Lohri with a Bhangra Dance Party. You may rope in a bhangra dance expert and enjoy an electric Bhangra performance and dance along with your loved ones. Bhangra not only sets the vibe for a party but also gives you a decent sneak peek into the rich cultural history of Punjab. Browsing on the web may be a bit of a task to find a Bhangra Expert for your office Lohri Party. SOSParty has a curated and expansive tribe of experts for various genres of entertainment. You can book an expert with SOSParty here

The Dhol Dhamaka

lohri celebration ideas at home

Dance to the beats of a Dhol played by a Dhol Expert and listen to some fun and culturally loaded Boliyaan and Tappe. A Dhol Artist does what a DJ can not, transport you to lush green fields of Punjab on Lohri.To onboard a skilled Dholi, connect with SOSParty through their website. They’ll make sure you get to dance on the best Dhol beats. Check this link to onboard a Dhol Expert

Festival of Fire with Fire Dance Performances

The element Fire holds a significant importance in Lohri celebration. Get on board a Fire Dance Artist to blow away your minds.

A fire dance, as the name suggests, is performed by a highly skilled artist. Either ends of a rope are ignited and the dance expert moves those around creating magical patterns against the dark backdrop of a pitch black night.

Alternatively, you can have an LED Poi performance too. Poi is an instrument with weighted LEDs attached to the either ends of a rope and the expert’s moves are magnificent enough to sweep you off your feet.
These dance forms are unique and in order to find an expert for the same, SOSParty saves the day.You can reach them here and get a Fire Dance Expert/LED Poi expert for your virtual celebration of Lohri.

These dance forms are unique and in order to find an expert for the same, SOSParty saves the day. You can reach them here and get a Fire Dance Expert/LED Poi expert for your virtual celebration of Lohri.

Punjabi Full Power Music Concert

Organise a music concert where a popular vocalist joins you and your team and only songs sung and requested are Punjabi. The Punjabi flavour of the concert will mark your Lohri celebrations complete.

A Walk Down the Cultural Lane

Invite a Punjabi Culture Expert and have a session about the significance of Lohri, why it is celebrated and its evolution through the years. Punjab has a brilliant cultural and literary history, this may be your chance to take a walk down that rich lane.

Burn Down the Bad this Lohri

lohri celebration ideas at home

This can be an amazing team bonding exercise. Your team members turn wise to tell what bad habits, fears and doubts they would like to burn down the Lohri Bonfire and what positive attributes they would want to see rising from the smokes of burnt negativities. You’ll feel a sense of togetherness and aspiration after this activity.

This sounds like a fun and awesome way to organize a virtual Lohri this year. To get this all come together smoothly, SOSParty offers you and your team a well-planned Virtual Lohri Party. This is how it looks like

To Get This Party Absolutely Free

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Virtual Lohri Party Details

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    Activity type Time
    Sundar Mundriye Ho
    – Experience the rich culture of Punjab with Punjabi Tappe and Boliyaan
    5 minutes
    Mungfali di khushboo te gudd di mithaas
    – Popcorn relay race
    – Eat nuts without using hands
    – SOS is all set to make you do what you have never done
    – Fun games and activities
    15 minutes
    Punjab di shaan: Live Bhangra Dance Party
    – Presenting the Folk Dance and Culture of Punjab
    – Bhangra and Boliyaan
    10 minutes
    Dance to the beats of Dhol
    – No festival in Punjab is complete without dancing on the beats of dhol & tumbi
    -Get ready to dance your heart out
    10 minutes
    Turn up the heat
    – Experience Live Fire Poi show with an Internationally acclaimed Fire artist
    5 minutes
    Burn your worries in the sacred fire of Lohri
    – An activity to help you let go of your worries and bad habits and bring peace to your life
    5 minutes
    Raat Di Gedi: Punjabi Musical Concert
    – Experience the foot-tapping & heart throbbing Punjabi numbers live with India’s best musicians
    15 minutes
    -Thanking and wishing everyone
    -Understanding the real meaning of celebrating Lohri
    10 minutes
    Who’s your diya?!
    – Gratitude building in employees
    5 minutes
    – Thanking and wishing everyone
    – Dance
    10 minutes
    Buffer 15 minutes
    Total 90 minutes

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