• April 22, 2024

In this changing world scenario, the lives of the consumer are changing day by day and for meeting that, it is necessary to change yourself. In this professional world, where employees have been shifted from the office to work from home. Therefore, it becomes necessary for managers to boost employee productivity. Here is a list of virtual team-building activities to boost employees’ morale and performance. 

Here is 13 Best Virtual Team Bonding Activities to Boost Employees Morale:

1. Cooking Challenge

Missing lunch at your favorite restaurant or café? Do not get depressed. SOS has a team of professional chefs who organize Virtual Cooking Classes to teach you how to make food like a restaurant at your home.

2. Break Gap

Give the employees a break from their work. They should have a day without work, on this day they could either watch a movie or have lunch. With this personal day, employees can enjoy their social life and feel stress-free with this Virtual Team Bonding Activity.

3. Dancing Class

At SOS, we have a team of professional salsa dancers, who will teach you some moves, that will also be fun. We conduct an online dance party for the remote employees to teach salsa dance and give the employee some memorable movements to enjoy their lives.

4. Laughter Class

On this day, With our team of professional stand-up comedians and mimicry artists, which could make your day and strengthen your bonding by remembering old memories. This quality time helps employees to free themselves from their daily routine stresses.

5. Lunch Party

On special occasions like Valentine, give a party to your team members or get it delivered through a food delivery app. With this, your remote employees feel surprised after getting their favorite dish in the surprising packages.

6. Funny Pictures

Ask for the funny pictures of your colleagues and pin them on the billboard. This activity will also strengthen the team bonding and boost productivity.

7. Team Engagement games

In this online team game, we divide all the members into two teams. Then we can organize any team game like Funtakshri, karaoke, etc. With these team games, we will increase the internal bonding of the employees.

Virtual team bonding is the strongest activity to make your team bonding strong. However, for increasing the productivity of the team, these activities are very important for managers.

ease the internal bonding of the employees.

8. Observe International Observances

SOS organizes various international observances like Earth day, Health Day, and many more events. With these events, Remote employees can gain their knowledge about these events. With the information, we can come more closer to the various activities.

9. Travel Virtually

Give your employees a thrilling experience to travel to their favorite destination but virtually. That destination may be the beaches of Goa, the desert of Rajasthan, any Hill station, or any other place, our Our guide, which provides a complete overview of the destination in detail. Now employees do not have to take the tickets, hotel booking, and food expenses, only enjoy everything virtually.

10. Therapy sessions

Every Monday, we organize a therapy session like body-movement therapy, laughter therapy for the remote employees. With these therapy sessions, we boost mood, reduce stress and anxiety. That’s what we said, these Mondays as Mindful Mondays.

How to know that your employees’ bonding is getting strong?

11. Open Communication

The bonding gets when all the work is done and no work is being delayed. However, it is the responsibility for creating a positive environment for the employees. 

12. Guidance and Support

For successfully and efficiently achieving the organizational goal, it is important that leaders should guide and help the members.  

13. Appreciation

If the managers appreciate it, it really boosts the employee morale with Virtual Team Bonding Activities