Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and has since become a global celebration of environmental protection in more than 193 countries. Because of the pandemic, the earth day celebration is being held virtually. The great part is that you can join the virtual earth day celebration event from the comfort of your homes. 

The purpose of celebrating online earth day is to make people aware about the ecosystem. And also celebrate nature. HRs and Managers use this opportunity to engage their employees with virtual earth day celebration activities. So, if you are a company’s HR and Manager, or wondering for the best activities ideas for earth day celebration virtually  then you are at the right place!

In this article, we will discuss the best virtual earth day celebration activities ideas for employee engagement. So, let’s start reading. 

Here are 7 Virtual Earth Day Celebration Activities Ideas For Employee Engagement

SOS PARTY is organizing the unique virtual earth day celebration with creative activities ideas for remote employees. Here are some best virtual earth day activities listed below. 

Celebrate This Earth Day Remotely -:

Invite your team to a zoom conference on Earth Day, Choose the theme, and set fun challenges for the remote employees. With this, your remote employees attend an organized event like a fun-run, learn green lessons, etc. Your work-from-home employees will be delighted that they can still join the Earth Day event because of your Earth Day celebration. That is a morale booster activity for work-from-home employees.

Upcycle Your Old Clothes

Recycling your old jeans, handbags, and other waste things of your life. You can turn an old jean jacket into a seamless vest, or cut the bottom of your jeans and add lace to make shorts to wear during warmer weather times. All you need to know about this sewing and tools will provide you in this earth day zoom event. 

Painting on Environment Day

Awesome painting ideas -: Experience live beautifully painted portraits by a professional speed painting artist to create awareness on this Earth Day. A simple virtual Earth Day zoom party will give you all the ideas to craft a quick painting, make the event more intentional, and use natural elements. By using natural elements, you will help your employees to understand the importance of the environment. 

Plant Green In Your Space

 Earth Day is the perfect time to plant green in the garden or a pot. A little herb plant is easy to maintain and grow. You can also plant flowers, a tree, vegetables, the possibilities are endless. But the main aim is to make this event more impactful. It will enlighten the hearts of remote employees to interact with nature.

Learn About Recycling

Recycling is an important process to maintain an ecological system. Our experts will guide you about the recycling process of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, or other waste products in this event. Take this time to enhance your knowledge of recycling.

Terrarium Building

Terrariums are small gardens in glass containers, similar to plant aquariums. One of the more enjoyable ways for earth day celebration online
is to build a terrarium. Invite your employees to a Zoom meeting first. Then send terrarium kits to confirmed participants or supply shopping lists with an offer to pay the cost of materials.

Online Nature Tours

Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the natural world. Without leaving your house, visit nature preserves, zoos, parks, gardens, forests, and other natural wonders. SOS can guide you with nature virtually via zoom. 


We have discussed the 7 Online earth day celebration activities ideas for employee engagement above. And, we hope these earth day activities encourage you to engage your employees. So, don’t waste time! Organize a virtual earth day event for your remote employees and boost their mood & excitement.

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