6 Virtual Earth Day Celebration Activities & Ideas for office employee engagement in 2021

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Online Earth Day celebration 2021 is an international event celebrated around the world to support environmental protection. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 by millions of Americans for the conservation of the planet. 

At the World Earth Day celebration, we express our gratitude to our planet for the abundance of care & compassion. We should pledge to work towards a cleaner, healthier & beautiful world.

On the 51st anniversary of World Earth Day Instead of taking to the streets for another Global Climate Event, participate virtually. We celebrate this earth day as a civic event to increase the motivation of saving our mother earth. We also have to defeat the covid-19 pandemic by celebrating earth day at home.

Here are 6 Virtual Earth Day Celebration Activities and Ideas for work 2021

“SOS is organizing virtual earth day activities with creative ideas to remain connected to each other and the earth. Their activities cover a wide variety of green topics in the environmental community. If you are looking for something creative to do, there are interactive environment-focused events that you can click to join”

1. Host a Virtual Earth Day Party for employees

Invite your team to a zoom conference on Earth Day, decide the theme, and set fun challenges for the employees. With this, your employees attend an organized fun-run, learn green lessons. “Your home workers will be delighted that they can still join the Earth day event for your Earth Day cause. That is a morale booster for work-from-home employees.

2. Upcycle Your Old Clothes

By recycling your old jeans, college handbags, and other waste things of your life. You can transform an old jean jacket into an effortless vest, or cut the bottoms of your jeans and add some lace to make shorts to wear in time for warmer weather. A simple virtual earth day zoom party will give you all the tools you need to do in a sewing class online or workshop

3. Live Speed Painting on Earth Day

Experience live beautifully painted portraits by a professional speed painting artist to create awareness on earth day. A simple virtual earth day zoom party will give you all the ideas to craft a quick painting, make the event more purposeful, and use natural elements. By using natural products, you will help us to understand the importance of the environment for us.

4. Plant a Green in Your Space

World Earth Day Celebration is the perfect time to plant green in the garden or a pot. A small herb plant is easy to grow and maintain. You can also plant flowers, vegetables, a tree — the possibilities are endless. But the main motto is to make this event more impactful. It will enlighten the hearts of remote employees to interact with nature.

5. Learn About Recyclables

Recycling is an important process to maintain an ecological balance. Our experts will guide you about the recycling process of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, or other waste products at this event. take this time to refresh your knowledge of recycling.

6. Oath for Our Mother Earth

On the auspicious occasion of Earth day 2021, we all should virtually take several oaths to restore the planet’s health and resources and leave it as a better place for future generations. Those who plant trees and feed animals love mother earth virtually and in real life, so let’s stand together.

Save Earth, Save future generations. Happy earth day 2021!

Here’s How You Can Get a Virtual Earth Day Celebration Party Absolutely Free*

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  • Or contact Arjun from our team,  +91 7973 432360, and get this party absolutely free*

Activity Details

Activity type Time
Green Carpet Welcome


– Opening the celebration with information on Earth Day and Zero Waste Lifestyle- Got it, Flaunt it! A fun activity to test how green & sustainable we currently are!

10 minutes
DIY UpCycle old clothes


-Upcycle your old denim and clothes to create a: Denim Luggage Tag, Denim Bag, Cushion Covers, Denim Pen Holders

30 minutes
Live Speed Painting on Earth Day


-Experience the magic of Live Speed Painting on the theme of Earth Day by a renowned artist-Get ready to leave yourselves mesmerized with this one of a kind experience

5 minutes
Pledging for a Zero Waste Lifestyle


– We pledge to bring small changes to our daily lives to make Earth a better place for our future generations

5 minutes
Buffer 5 minutes


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