Unique Ideas to Celebrate Women’s Day Virtually at Workplace
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International Women Day is a day of commemoration and action for women around the world. In celebration of it, we have assembled a list of ways you can help and Celebrate Women’s Day Virtually not only today but every day.

What is the meaning of International Women Day?

8th March, celebrated as women’s day worldwide for the achievements, their contribution, and a day of empowerment. Here are Unique Ideas to Celebrate Women’s Day Virtually at the workplace :

1. Include all genders 

Celebrate Women’s Day Virtually

The bulk of International Women Day activities and programs are directed towards women. The gender identities must, however, be included in the debates and become equal advocates for gender equality. When celebrating your International Women’s Day virtual events, make sure to invite and inspire your male friends or teammates to join you in campaigning for gender equality.  Often, make sure that your non-binary and gender-fluid peers and teammates are involved in the dialogue on; how to achieve equality for people of all gender identities.

2. In your office, make a case for gender equality

Celebrate Women’s Day Virtually

Generation of a good, quality work environment for the employees, company policies, and plans must be credible and fair. 

  • Equitable leave
  • Flexible working hours
  • Training programs.

3. Organize Party to Celebrate Women’s Day Virtually

Organize Party to Celebrate Women's Day

If you are putting something together for your workplace, group, or mates, this is a brilliant idea! The best thing is that International Women Day has the decorations covered. If they are out of stock, do not worry: Simply sticking to the official color of the day, purple. Some ideas for the party:

  • Organize a company party to celebrate the contributions of female workers.
  • Host a group or block party to celebrate local women’s accomplishments and educate others about how they can promote gender equality in their community.
  • Volunteer with a group of friends, watch films directed by women, or shop at women-owned businesses.
  • Have a good time, learn something new, celebrate something extraordinary, and thank the women who brought us here. There is no need for a budget for that one!

4. Participate in Blog-a-Thon

Celebrate Women’s Day Virtually

The Blog Thon are gatherings of people; who get to write and post posts about women, gender equality or update other articles where women’s knowledge is incomplete, wrong, or glossed over. (This initiative also contains material on transgender and non-binary individuals).

5. Recognize the incredible people in your life

Recognize the incredible people in your life

Simple words of encouragement and affection can sometimes go a long way toward raising someone and encouraging them to keep going. Send a text, call, or FaceTime to an important woman in your life to tell her how amazing she is, whether it is your mother, grandma, sister, daughter, girlfriend, or friend.

6. Meet n Greet with Women Who Run the World

Invite women whose life journey you think maybe impactful if reached to a larger audience. Your team will benefit from the anecdotes of encouragement and you get a first-row experience to celebrate a wonderful woman and her achievements. Women holding expertise in fields of art, science, social welfare and corporate will add a tone of diversity to the experience and it will prove to be a good opportunity for your team to broaden their aspirational horizons.

7. Sound Body, Sound Mind- For the Win!

More often than not, women while playing multiple roles tend to ignore their wellness. It goes true for men too. How about you celebrate this Women’s day by giving your employees an informative session with a renowned Wellness and Nutrition expert.  Alternatively, you can also organize a Mindful Living session with a Yoga and Meditation expert. Make sure to onboard credible professionals. Click here to know how can you onboard such a professional.

All this put together will make for a superhit celebration. You can also get this event free of cost.

Here’s how you can get an online women’s day party absolutely Free:

  1. Register on our website
  2. Contact our head of ops – Latika,  +91 98729 92034, and get this party absolutely free*

Activity Details

Activity typeTime

Let’s celebrate the womanhood

–Opening the evening with the super soothing live musical performance

5 mins

Who Runs The World? Girls!

-Listen and be inspired as a female motivation coach joins in to share her inspiring journey of struggle, life battles, and victories-Fun activities

20 mins

OR Breathe in Happiness, breathe out worries

-Your health is like a bank account. Good health choices are good investments

-We onboard a professional Wellness, Yoga and Meditation Expert for you to clear all your doubts & guide you about practicing the art of sustainable and mindful living-Got questions, bring them in!

20 mins

The world-class belly dance performance
– Now it’s time for you to relax and watch the world-class SOS Belly Dance Experts performance

-The first of its kind SOS experience curated especially for you

5 mins

Rock & Roll

-Enjoy the live music concert with your favorite beverage

-Don’t think twice to sing on melodious tunes with our expert female musician

15 mins

Super Puppet, Super Fun

-Enjoy the rare art of Ventriloquism with our female expert as she puts up a hilarious comedy routine with her puppet

15 mins
– Thanking and wishing everyone
5 mins
Buffer10 mins
Total75 mins

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  3. Online Gender Equality Series
  4. Virtual Activities for Women’s Groups
  5. Online Zoom Party for Corporate Workers

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