International Women’s Day is a day to recognize and honor women worldwide for the contributions we make each day to society. Every day, we see women fight their own battles in life – be it concerning their work, their health, their family, or their rights.

International Women’s day is all about inspiring women and celebrating their achievements. The HRS and Managers also celebrate this day with their women employees. But because of the pandemic, now the celebration is different. In celebration of it, we have assembled a list of ways you can help and Celebrate Women’s Day Virtually not only today but every day.

To take action as a team and delegate women at your workplace, here are latest virtual women’s day celebration ideas to show your gratitude to commend their accomplishments!

Before discussing the ideas to celebrate women’s day virtually, let’s first take a look at Virtual women’s day celebration. 

What is Virtual Women’s Day Celebration ?

International Women’s Day is a holiday to celebrate women’s political, socioeconomic, and cultural achievements. We can celebrate women’s day virtually at workplace by joining some online platforms like Zoom and other apps. Here you can do some fun team-building activities with your remote employees.

Do you want to celebrate the achievements of your remote women employees on this day and make them surprised? Then, SOS organized an event where you can virtually celebrate with all your remote employees.

Why do we celebrate Women’s Day Virtually?

The purpose of celebrating Women’s day in the workplace is to honor women’s achievements across various domains, raise awareness about women’s rights, equality, dignity, and fundraise for women-focused charities. Due to the pandemic, the celebration is now different. Half of the employees work remotely, So now the HRs and Managers find a way to celebrate women’s day with all their employees virtually.

That’s why we celebrated women’s day virtually. Here are the some unique ideas to celebrate women’s day virtually listed below.

The 5 Uniques Ideas To Celebrate Women’s day Virtually

As we know, women’s day is celebrated worldwide for the achievements, their contribution, and a day of empowerment. Here are 5 Unique Ideas to Celebrate Women’s Day Virtually at the workplace :

1. Women’s Day Party 

If you are putting something together for your workplace, group, or mates, this is a brilliant idea!  Some ideas for the party:

=> Organize a company party to celebrate the contributions of female workers.

=> Host a group or block party to celebrate local women’s accomplishments and educate others about how they can promote gender equality in their community.

=> Volunteer with a group of friends, watch films directed by women, or shop at women-owned businesses.

=> Have a good time, learn something new, celebrate something extraordinary, and thank the women who brought us here. There is no need for a budget for that one!

2. Participate in Blog-a-Thon

The Blog Thon are gatherings of people; who get to write and post posts about women, gender equality or update other articles where women’s knowledge is incomplete, wrong, or glossed over. (This initiative also contains material on transgender and non-binary individuals).

You can also choose themes for participants to write from their personal experiences. These articles can be posted as a series throughout the month.

3. Women’s Day Bingo

One of the most fun team-building games, a Women’s Day bingo can help facilitate casual conversations and stories between co-workers. Employees can get to know women at their workplace better from both personal and professional angles.

Fill the bingo card with various life achievements, work appreciation, skills, and other common things in life. Participants can interact with women in their office and cross a class when the criteria are met. The one who crosses all the fours first wins.

4. Women’s Day Trivia

Gather your common sense buffs for a fun Women’s Day Trivia challenge. This game requires participants to identify influential women around the world by their quotes or feats. You can divide employees into teams, or play in person for the idea of this virtual Women’s Day celebration.

You can also enhance the fun by including silhouettes or zoom-in pictures of individuals and asking participants to guess their identities. Keep exciting prizes for winners to make the challenge more competitive!

5. Women Speakers

Another way to arouse hope and inspiration among its employees is that women speakers should talk about the achievements of notable women in various events and industries. Topics can include life skills such as stress management, work-life balance, financial literacy, and much more. An expert can be hired to conduct a webinar on the same.

You can collect ideas and suggestions from your employees in advance and do a survey on which topics can be selected, and they are also interested in conducting online sessions.

Bonus Point: 

What is the theme for International women’s Day 2022?

The theme of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2022 (IWD 2022), is “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”, recognizing the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are leading in charge of climate change adaptation, mitigation. and response, to build a more sustainable future for all.


We hope you enjoy these ideas to celebrate women’s day virtually. International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and to acknowledge the gender injustices that still exist. Taking time off from the workday to observe the occasion, including sports, activities, and competitions, underscores the importance of the holiday.

All this put together will make for a superhit celebration. If you want this kind of event celebration free of cost, contact us. 

Activity Details

Activity typeTime
Let’s celebrate the womanhood–Opening the evening with the super soothing live musical performance5 mins
Who Runs The World? Girls!-Listen and be inspired as a female motivation coach joins in to share her inspiring journey of struggle, life battles, and victories-Fun activities20 mins
OR Breathe in Happiness, breathe out worries-Your health is like a bank account. Good health choices are good investments-We onboard a professional Wellness, Yoga and Meditation Expert for you to clear all your doubts & guide you about practicing the art of sustainable and mindful living-Got questions, bring them in!20 mins
The world-class belly dance performance
– Now it’s time for you to relax and watch the world-class SOS Belly Dance Experts performance-The first of its kind SOS experience curated especially for you
5 mins
Rock & Roll-Enjoy the live music concert with your favorite beverage-Don’t think twice to sing on melodious tunes with our expert female musician15 mins
Super Puppet, Super Fun-Enjoy the rare art of Ventriloquism with our female expert as she puts up a hilarious comedy routine with her puppet15 mins
– Thanking and wishing everyone
5 mins
Buffer10 mins
Total75 mins

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