The World has revived from such a pandemic period as well as when the employees are coming back to work they shouldn’t feel that they are away from home. Give a big smile on their face through Employee Engagement Activities For Virtual Valentine’s Day Celebration. Valentine’s Day is the best year to share happiness with co-workers.  However, It’s time to give them an appreciation for their work. The study shows that most people do not feel happy at their offices so this was the most shocking thing. If your team feels the same and you are getting tense. Then SOS is here to solve that problem for you.

Here are some Employee Engagement Activities For Virtual Valentine’s Day Celebration for the team engagement:-

1. Virtual Couple Musical Chairs

In this game, all the people join the Video call and ask to keep one chair between the couple and we have a musician that is singing live. When the music stops, which person sits first wins.

2. Thanksgiving Game

In this valentine day game, we tell the employee to give appreciation and kind words for their peers. On this day our motive is to share love and affection among the team members.

3. Cooking Game

Welcome a chef and get a few lip-smacking recipes made by them. One could follow the interested one along. You might want to give your team ahead as to what to keep handy for all ingredients or prepared portions they may need. Online cooking show is the best activity for employee engagement.

4. Dance Party

At the SOS we provide a trained salsa team, your team could also learn some moves. The virtual dance party is the best activity to make you laugh and in stress relieving, you could also enjoy a private music party.

5. Test your bond activity

Fill sweets or chocolates with some big jars and make everyone guess how many things are in the box. Wins the nearest guess and gets to take home the pot. Of course, first, you will have to count the sweets!

6. Bingo games for Virtual Valentine’s Day Celebration

The best game we like to play at school is bingo, so why not we play this game virtually moreover winners get the prize it could be anything from coupon, tickets or lunch.

7. True Friendship Activity

In this period of work from home, we have been missing out on many short gossips at the water cooler or lunch. However, SOS is here to make your friendship more memorable by organizing a fun online musical night.

8. Laughter Activity

The humorous and hilarious jokes, punches are the best way to have you roll over by laughing. This unlimited laughter will make your team have a fun night.

9. Magic Show

On this day, let our magician blow off your mind with their tricks. Every magician of our has some specialty that will be a lot of fun. This day enjoys our virtual magic show activity with your teammates and strengthens your bond more.

10. Healthy lifestyle

To give creative and a handful of worthy ideas, a healthy lifestyle is most important in life. Have a healthy party with us. We have an expert chef that will give you some tips and healthy food recipes. “Always find the new ways to connect with your employees and thanks to them for their share of work. I bet you will remember this valentine day with SOS.”

If you are corporate teams & want to celebrate a online valentine’s day celebration party with the expert team :

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  2. Contact Latika,  +91 98729 92034
  3. Party Details -: Valentine’s Day Celebration for Office
Activity details
Activity type Time
Fun Introductions and Icebreakers- Super fun beginning to the evening with lively games to warm up the atmosphere and enhance team morale 5 minutes
Dil Dhadakne Do -Office Fashion Show 5 minutes
Salsa Dance Performance -A supercharged live salsa performance by Latin dance professionals-Learn some trendy moves and show off to your friends and partners 10 minutes
Tareef Pe Tareef -Random acts of appreciation by employees for their team members-Enhanced team bonding 5 minutes
Live Violin Performance -Listen to the most melodious tunes of our times-Bring along your life partners and enjoy the romantic evening 10 minutes
Ye Sham Mastani: Live Musical Concert- SOS brings the live music concert to your doorstep- Enjoy your drinks and snacks with our super musician 15 minutes
Ending-Awarding Booster employee of the day 5 minutes
Buffer 15 minutes
Total 70 minutes

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