Do you want to become the best leader? What becomes you a great leader? And, what extra can be done to become a good leader? These are some questions that get you here, right!! Leadership is a very important task but not that easy. Because a good leader takes care of their employees’ every kind of problem like- wellness, stress, motivation, etc. But following some leadership team activities, this task can be very easy for you.

They can enhance productivity, bring people together, build trust, and improve company culture. These activities help to boost the teamwork spirit. Here we are going to share the 5 best leadership team building activities that help you to take care of your employees.

This article includes:

  • Leadership team building games
  • Fun leadership team building activities
  • Best leadership team building activities

Let’s get started.

But before discussing these activities, take s short overview of leadership team building activities. 

What Are Leadership Team Building Activities?

Leadership team building activities are opportunities that require active participation, role-playing & problem-solving. These activities help leaders to find effective ways to lead & encourage their employees & make them feel satisfied. These activities help to make you a good leader.

Here are the best fun team building activities for leadership, let’s take a deep dive into them. 

5 Fun Leadership Team Building Activities That Your Employees Will Love

1. Survival Activities

Divide the participants into two groups and give them a survival situation, such as a plane crash, a shipwreck, or being stuck in the desert.  Then provide them a list of items that might be useful in that situation.

Challenge the groups to come up with five items that will help them in surviving. After the teams have finished selecting their items, ask them to justify their choices and explain how they would use them to overcome the situation.

This leadership activity helps:

  1. In creative, and strategic thinking
  2.  Boost problem-solving abilities.

2. Minefield Leadership Activity

In this activity, You’ll need two-person teams, a blindfold, and several “obstacles”(office furniture works well).

One member of the duo is blindfolded, and the other is guiding the first person through the minefield of obstacles using only the words right, left, forward, and backward. Hold this activity in a park or playground as an alternative for fun outdoor team building activities.

This activity promotes communication, active listening, and trust among the employees. 

3. Icebreaker Activity

For this activity, Each participant must come up with five general “icebreaker” questions (for example, “Who is taller than six feet?”).

When everyone has finished, go around the room and ask each person their questions. Count the number of people who raise their hands. The person who has the most points at the end of the round is the winner. This one is the best indoor team building activity for you. 

This team-building activity helps:

  1.  Releasing tension 
  2. Encouraging discussion
  3. Promote a sense of belonging
  4. Improving interpersonal communication. 

4. What If

Invite each of your employees into your office one by one and present them with a challenging hypothetical situation. Request that they come up with a solution to the issue.

For example, “What if you lost an important client and cost the company a lot of money because you didn’t follow the procedure?” How would you justify your actions and solve the problem?

This leadership activity helps:

  1.   Logical reasoning
  2.   Analytical thinking
  3.  Problem-solving skills
  4.  To improve accountability.

5. Untangle 

This leadership activity is dependent on everyone’s ability to communicate and collaborate to achieve a common goal. One or two leaders will typically emerge during the process to assist and guide the team to success.

This is how it goes.

Arrange everyone in a circle shoulder to shoulder. Tell them to put their right hand in the right hand of someone on the opposite side of the circle. Then tell them to put their left hand in the left hand of someone else (not someone standing right next to them).

Challenge the group to untangle themselves without breaking the chain once everyone has joined hands. They must restart from the beginning if they break the chain.

To Sum Up

We have discussed the 5 fun leadership team building activities above in this article. These activities help you to become a good leader, encourage your employees & motivate them. As per my suggestion, the icebreakers activity (mentioned above) is the best leadership activity. Because this activity is full of fun and enhances the employees’ communication skills & reduces their stress. Employees feel relaxed and valued. This is what becomes you a great leader. 

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