Building Bond with Virtual Team Building Activity
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As a leader consistently being tense and have conducted several activities for teams. Still, your efforts do not pay off well. In this Covid-19 situation, the business disrupted in many ways and after work from home; many problems were arising. Along with the assistance of the Virtual team building activity, you can bring your team together and make more strong bonds.

Why is Virtual team Building important?

Why is Virtual team Building important

The work from home has made employees feel isolated; they are missing their water cooler, lunch gossips. For making them comfortable, Virtual Team Building Activity is necessary.

It consists of several efforts to conduct the activities which could lead to more interaction within co-workers.

The Virtual Team Building Activities are:

1. Sneak into other houses In this activity each, the member will show their home and some favorite things that are very important to them, this will lead to knowing more about one another at an understanding level.

2. Employees Encouragement

Encourage your employees

Encouragement is always necessary for boosting up employee morale. At SOS, we have a team of expert coaches, who will encourage team members and boost their morale. Virtual Team Building activity is highly encouraging and shows results

3. Stories

Stories are a great way to know one’s experience. In this activity, we can have games like ghost stories, icebreakers, funny stories which they have encountered in their past.

4. Online gaming Challenge

online gaming challenge (1)


The organization could conduct an online gaming activity. i.e. counter strikes condition zero or game of pub-g. This gaming session will help them in reducing stress and will refresh their mood.

5. Bingo Game

It was the best and favourite game of school time and no matter how many times we played it. In this game, a prize could be given for the winner. E.g. Movie ticket, cash prize, etc.

6. Guessing Game

In this game, guess a person’s characteristics and another person will tell if he/she is correct. This game will also team bonding.

7. Funny Pics

Virtual Team Building Activities

Co-workers will share the funny pics of the other employees. It will make you laugh. The person whose pic had been shared will have to tell the story behind that pic.

8. Smiley Games

In this game, Team Leader or the manager would assign emoji to each of its employees and will share the reason behind assigning.

The SOS will help in boosting and building team bonding. However, there are many activities and games they do for boosting performance and productivity.

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Activity Details

Activity typeTime
Fun Introductions and Icebreakers-10 minutes
Pursuit of Happiness: Motivation –
-laying down the foundation
10 minutes
Fun Motivational Games –
-Understand the importance of motivation through activities
-Ways to stay motivated
20 minutes
Fun team building games –5 minutes
Doodle Woodle :
– Knowing ourselves better through art
15 minutes
Ending –
-awarding booster of the week
– dance party
5 minutes
Buffer10 minutes
Total75 minutes

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