Holi is a festival that brings you joy smeared with colors and proves a valid opportunity to bond with those who matter to you, professionally or personally. Utilize this Holi as an excellent chance to bring your team together, build camaraderie among team members, and have some moments to unwind and escape burnout. Since safety amidst a pandemic stays your topmost concern, celebrate the festival virtually. Navigate through the concise guide ahead and see how you can make a virtual Holi celebration just as good as a non-virtual one.

Presenting, 8 Holi Celebration ideas that are easy to execute at the workplace -: 

1. Rang Barse Dance Party

Prepare a playlist of the most popular Holi songs, get together and have a dance party. Getting everyone to the dance floor is a difficult task at parties, it may get harder if the dance floor is set virtually. Onboard a dance expert, say a Zumba instructor or a Bollybeats trainer, and let them take charge to make sure everyone shows some moves. Click here to see how can you get such an expert for your party.

2. A Hilarious Happy Holi

The Festival of Holi can be made a comic affair if you invite a Stand-up Comedian to perform at your party. It can be an awesome opportunity for your team to relax, unwind and just have a good time. There can some games also be thrown in to personalize the whole experience.

3. Rang-Takshari

Who wouldn’t accept that this lovely festival would be incomplete without Holi-themed music? Invite a professional vocalist or a band to perform for your team. Have segments of Karaoke and singing challenges interwoven to make it more fun? You can also have a Dhol Artist play for your team and sing some famous Punjabi Bolis. 

4. The Holi Potluck

Thanks to the plethora of food-delivering apps and services, you can enjoy a meal with your team virtually. Keep the theme Holi-centric and send classic Holi dishes to your team. Alternatively, you can assign team members to gift a meal to their colleagues. Sit together, enjoy the meal while casually chatting with your colleagues.

5. The Art Party

Hire an art expert and have your team members learn tips and tricks for art forms such as canvas painting or glass painting. So what if you can’t play with colors this Holi, you can play with colors on the canvas and let your imagination run wild. You’ll be vicariously playing Holi with your team members! This exercise proves beneficial in enhancing serotonin levels and relaxes the mind, hence minimizing the effects of burnout.

6. Pushkar Holi on your Screens

Rajasthani culture and art are synonymous with colorfulness and vibrance. Appeal to your inner traveler and invite Ghoomar experts who with their magical performance transport you to super mad Holi of Pushkar. Ghoomar is a difficult dance form to master. You can request the expert to teach you some moves which you can flaunt on your next trip to Rajasthan.

 7. Color Awards

Colors reflect various characteristics. E.g., blue represents a happy individual, yellow represents sweetness, green represents the office queen, red means fire and energy, and pink represents love and friendship. Nominate co-workers who best represent each character and explain why!

8. Super Puppet, Super Holi

Ventriloquism is an art that combines various skills and thus is a rare one at that. Invite a ventriloquist to join your party and have the puppet put up a memorable show for you. You may request the puppeteer to perform with characters that are in sync with your theme. For instance, if there are kids in the audience, it’d be a great idea to bring on an educational character.

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Activity details

Activity typeTime
Holi hai!- Opening with the evening on a fun and happy note with high energy- Our super musician is all geared up to set the vibe for the festival of colours and joy5 minutes
Bura Na Mano, Race Hai! – The beloved treasure hunt! – Bring that excitement to the fore, looking for clues and cracking one. Goofing up and yet keeping the competition alive. It’s all about the colorful journey, with employees on their toes, enacting or eating or dancing or posing or laughing just to win this Amazing Race!10 minutes
Ghoomar Performance – Bringing you the colors of Pushkar, Rajasthan with the traditional Rajasthani folk dance – Ghoomar- Sit back and enjoy the flavors of Incredible India5 minutes
Rang Barse Dance Party -Which festival in India is complete without Dj and dance? So here we are with our amazingly talented Dj Dance expert to make your dance your heart out with colors of love and prosperity15 minutes
OR-Live Standup Comedy – Enjoy a power-packed live standup comedy act full of punches and relatable jokes- live crowd work15 minutes
OR Super Puppet, Super Fun – Enjoy the rare art of Ventriloquism with our internationally acclaimed expert as she puts up a hilarious comedy routine with her puppet15 minutes
Rang-Versity Awards – Colors stand for different traits. For example, Blue is chirpy you, Yellow is the sweetest, Green is the office Queen, Red is the color of fire and energy, Pink signifies love and friendship- Nominate colleagues who best fit each trait and tell us why!5 minutes
Online Rang-Takshari – From Rang Barse and Jai Jai Shivshankar to Balam Pichkari- we cover the different decades with colour and engage your employees in an online contest- So do the office a favour, let’s play Holi!15 minutes
Sustainability Ke Rang – Educate your employees on the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle by turning your Holi celebration into an organically colorful one!5 minutes
Ending – Thanking and wishing everyone5 minutes
Buffer10 minutes

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