5 Virtual Team Building Activities For Work From Home Teams

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New Activities or events who do not love it? However, it takes cost, effort and could become annoying. Moreover, if the other branches are in different nations, it becomes necessary to bring them together. So how can we bring them together with small efforts?

Team Building is the point where you get a sense of belongingness and togetherness. Moreover, when this Team building comes, you conceive outdoor activities, fun games in your mind. Here is a list of Virtual Best Team Building Activities For Work From Home (WFH) Teams to Develop Positivity at Workplace.

What to Do When Everything Has Gone Online?

As everything has gone online, it has become difficult; to make the bond stronger within a team. Also, team building gets when we are working remotely.

While determining how to boost team morale virtually can be difficult, it is not impossible.

Remote team-building games boost the team morale and sense of belonging, all of which are critical for overall success and employee satisfaction.

Let us look at some of the Virtual team building activities for WFH teams:

1. Bingo Game

Bingo Game

Create a bingo card using a bingo template and arrange a fast game for you and your team as a “brain break.”

Make it a collaborative experience by having your teammates submit suggestions for Bingo spaces. You might also offer the winner a voucher, such as an online gift card. Another advantage is that bingo is easy enough to incorporate into a regular meeting.

Choose one person to serve as the moderator to make Bingo work from afar. They would say something random and then wait a few seconds for players to look through their cards for that word.

If the player has the phrase on their card, they will mark the space with tools.

After marking enough spaces in a row, a player will say “Bingo!” in the video call and wait for the moderator to review their responses. The colleague wins if the row is vertical, horizontal, or diagonal and matches the spaces.

2. Dance Party

Dance Party on Holi Celebration

The virtual dance party is the best thing when it comes to letting go of stress. This activity will not only refresh your mood but also enjoy being with colleagues will make you happy.

SOS has the best in class DJ and Musicians, with their live performances you cannot stop yourself from dancing. Enjoying with your co-workers will make your bond stronger.

3. Inspirational Words

team building Inspirational Words

A few inspirational words play a significant part in the Virtual Team building Activity. These little words can help the person to get motivated and get going for achieving goals.

In this remote working period, the employees feel stressed and need motivation. This time it becomes significant to get them motivated, as it will improve their productivity and efficiency.

4. Skill Development Virtual Activities

Giving tutorial classes and forcing employees to work according to that tutorials is not good for the organization. instead of that teach necessary tools or skills to the employees to complete the task. At last, the employee also gives its best at work. Virtual corporate leadership development programs also increase the performance of the employees

5. Travel Virtually

Give your employees a thrilling experience to travel to their favorite destination but virtually. That destination may be the beaches of Goa, the desert of Rajasthan, any Hill station, or any other place, our Our guide, which provides a complete overview of the destination in detail. Now employee does not have to take tension of the tickets, hotel booking, and food expenses, only enjoy everything virtually.

Increase employee engagement and efficiency by allowing them to work from home

While things may seem unsettled now, for many organizations, remote working will provide an opportunity to consider creative new ways to reinforce relationships among colleagues, increase participation, and emerge as stronger, more, profitable, and more united from the current global crisis. 

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Activity details

Activity type Time
Fun Introduction and Icebreaker 10 mins
Pursuit of Happiness: Motivation
– Laying down of the foundation
10 mins
Fun Motivational Games
-Understand the importance of motivation through activities
-Ways to stay motivated
20 mins
Fun team building games 5 mins
Doodle Woodle
– Knowing ourselves better through art
15 mins
-awarding booster of the week
– dance party
5 mins
Buffer 10 mins
Total 75 mins

Best Employee Engagement Games & Activities

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  3. Virtual 90s entertainment-themed team building activities
  4. Online Team Celebration
  5. Virtual Magic Show for Corporates
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