Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Celebrations have shifted from offline to online mode. All types of celebration events are being planned virtually. August 15, 2021, is the 75th Independence Day of India. Independence Day celebrations at the office mean a beautiful tri-color ribbon and balloons decoration, Classical Music and Dance performances from the colleagues. Due to COVID, We take a virtual route to celebrate this patriotic event with innovative ideas to celebrate Independence Day virtually in the office During COVID.

6 Innovative Ideas to Celebrate  Independence Day Virtually During COVID:

Celebrate freedom and our wonderful country – Online Independence Day Celebration. We have put together a list of ideas that can help you to celebrate Independence Day virtually with patriotic activities and games for employee engagement:

1. Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara:

India accomplished freedom after a long Independence development started in 1857, and ended with the formation of Independent India in 1947. Revive all the freedom fighters’ stories of sacrifice their lives for the future of the next generations.

2. Virtual Flag Hoisting:

Virtual National Flag Hoisting event to feel proud and honor as we live in free India. Followed by flag hoisting, it is very common to sing the national anthem together-triggering the spirit among remote employees.

3. Indian Classical Dance:

Classical Art forms like Odissi, Kathak, or Bharatanatyam that our country boasts, will make you proud of being an Indian. Experience the richness of Indian Classical Dance with classical dance experts.

4. How’s the Josh:

Employees will be interested to take part in fun activities and Independence Day special games can be even more interesting. With games like Who said it, Indian map before GPS, Word search make this event more patriotic and participating for the office employees.

5. Bhartiya Instrument Sangeet:

Every celebration is incomplete without music. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the melodious tunes of Classical Indian Sangeet – A Sitar Concert, enjoy with your remote team employees as you listen to Indian classical patriotic music and sway along with the melodious tunes of the musicians.

6. India of My Dreams:

Dedicate an area to debate amongst your team how India of their dreams looks like and what your organization can do to make the country of your dreams. This activity will bring your team closer and may lead you to hunt out some new goals to understand

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