Offline Office Diwali Party Celebration

Here is our tally of the top Diwali decoration ideas for work.

These creative Diwali decoration ideas for work are creative and fun loving tasks that corporate employees can use to celebrate Diwali at their workplaces. Samples include cultural wear contests, mehndi painting, exchanging gifts, sweets distribution and office elaborations. These activities aim to promote good teamwork relationships and encourage companionship in the organization.

These ideas are examples of team decoration, diverse tasks, and tradition-building ideas.

This tally includes:

1. Diwali amusing tasks for adults

2. Diwali competition goals

3. Diwali decoration ideas for work gathering

4. Diwali work party plans

So let’s go!

Points of Diwali decoration ideas for work

Going from Diwali buffets to Decorating workplace to Game Shows, here is a catalog of Diwali decoration ideas for work.

1. Decorating Workplace 

Diwali, called the Festival of Lights, involves an abundance of luminous decorations to create an enchanting atmosphere. To attain this radiant atmosphere, consider incorporating various lighting elements such as lamps, decorative wall designs, and electric diyas (candle-like lamps). Utilize these showy items to enhance not only the workplace of your employees but also the passage and the entrance of your office.

To change your office into a festive Diwali wonderland, get a mixture of decorations including balloons, paper lanterns, and energetic flower garlands. Motivate your employees to embrace the spirit of Diwali by adorning their individual cubicles or workspaces with these enchanting lights and decor pieces. The act of decorating together not only promotes teamwork but also uplifts the overall ambience, generating cheerfulness and elevating the morale of your team members.

2. Cultural Wear competition

The creative Diwali decoration ideas can be enhanced by including a cultural wear competition, a delightful contest for employees to take part in. This contest involves employees showcasing their outstanding traditional Indian attire, creating a vibrant and culturally rich atmosphere. For female employees, the options range from the elegant Sari to the graceful Churidar or the colorful Chagra choli. Male employees, on the other hand, can choose from traditional garments such as Sherwanis, Achkan, or Dhoti to express their cultural style. To confirm that everyone feels comfortable and authentic in their attire, consider arranging for an Indian stylist or clothes maker to provide guidance and assistance in getting dressed. If your organization has a large number of employees, you can arrange the contest by having each office department select a representative to participate. To make the contest even more attractive and enjoyable, consider presenting fun awards such as “the most creative wear,” “the most decorated outfit,” or “the best headpiece.” These awards can add an element of playfulness and creativity to the traditional wear contest, making it a memorable and amusing part of your Diwali decoration.

3. Diwali Meals

Preparing or ordering Diwali meals are great Diwali activities for adults. The meal variety is an effective way for colleagues to discover domestic Indian platter and familiarize themselves with Indian culture.

To arrange the Diwali dishes:

1. Bring meals like chana masala kulcha, stuffed paratha and samosas with curry from any local food joint.

2. Display these dishes in different bowls on a huge table with some drinks.

3. Play cultural Indian songs as the employees get ready for the treat.

4. The colleagues can then discover the taste of a variety of Indian meals.

5. You can even present beverages like sugarcane juice, masala chai, mango lassi, and more.

Many Indians believe in eating local foods without appliances as they think that food tastes much better when it’s eaten by hand. Therefore, motivating colleagues to explore this culture by doing the same, means eating native Indian foods without using plates, spoons or bowls.

4. Traditional Diwali Pooja

Arranging Diwali pooja can be a tremendous way to spread togetherness in the workplace. It is the most important side of the festival; it fills the people and surroundings with positivity and happiness. Organizing the pooja could be an idea for Diwali commemoration in the workplace to promote a sense of unity and equality among the employees.

5. Mehndi art

Mehndi or Henna, in Indian tradition, is a paste thought to bring good luck and positive essence. To commemorate Diwali at the workplace, you can motivate female employees to get mehndi drawings on their hands or feet.

This craft has been a normal practice for females in India for ages. In this activity, you will need a skilled mehndi designer who can draw lovely designs with the henna paste. Each woman employee will select a pattern for their hands or feet.

You can also call more than one henna expert to do the work. This measure confirms that the Diwali decoration at the workplace isn’t a time-consuming task but a fun activity that the female colleagues experience together.

6. Image Counter

This festival is a good moment to celebrate friendships and spending time with your loved ones or creating unforgettable memories. You can create an image counter in the workplace for the staff members to take photographs with their teammates or work companions.

To make this event even better, you can even decorate the image counter and paste a pictorial design of the year of observance on the wall. This date will emerge in every picture taken in the image counter as a reminder of the Diwali celebrations to the employees.

7. Crafting Rangoli Designs

The Rangoli is an impressive Indian art that represents positivity, joyfulness, and prosperity. You can draw the rangoli in different colors using materials like fried rice flour, flower petals, colored sand and rocks.

You can craft the Rangoli designs on the office floor or at the entrance. Moreover, you can motivate employees to work together to make a lovely design.

To draw a Rangoli design at the workplace:

  1. Assemble supplies needed to craft the Rangoli, such as rice flour, beans, lentils, or colored sand in various shades.
  1. The colleagues will use the materials to make dots and lines on the floor to outline whatever design they select to portray.
  2. The colleagues will then fill this shape using several colors of sand, beans, or rice flour.
  3. The employees can work with each other in teams to fill in numerous parts of the art so that each teammate plays an active role in the procedure.
  4. The Rangoli is generally designed from the inside out, starting small until the design grows.

This task will aid colleagues to recognize Indian tradition and learn how to craft the Rangoli. Designing the Rangoli also promotes teamwork and builds friendships among colleagues.

8. Changing Gift events

These events are prominent for creative Diwali decoration ideas for work gatherings. Exchanging gifts in the office still allows for the office’s day-to-day tasks while celebrating the Diwali commemoration.

For this program, motivate colleagues to bring presents for each other. This task ensures that every member of the team gets a present or gift.

Some outstanding gift ideas include:

  • Chocolates, cakes
  • flower garland
  • soft toys
  • Local sweets and snacks

Employees can get presents for more than one colleague to confirm that all the teammates accept a token of the Diwali decoration. You can switch this gift exchange event into a tiny ceremony where the employees will exchange gifts between hugs and best wishes.

9. Displaying Talent 

The Talent displaying shows are amusing tasks in which the employees can participate in during the Diwali festival. This event allows employees to interrelate, have fun and reduce strain.

To arrange a talent hunt show:

  1. Motivate employees to participate in the talent exhibit.
  2. Colleagues can select to sing, dance, craft, color, cook or display off any remarkable talent they consider they have.
  3. Select a team of judges to supervise the show.
  4. The colleagues will get 30 minutes each to show their talent.
  5. The top three performances will win the event and get rewards.

To make this talent event more amusing, you can motivate employees to center their acts around the Diwali festival. Colleagues can sing an Indian song, perform a dance or cook a local Indian dish. This show will promote good employee work relationships.

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10. Rhythmic Chairs Rangoli

This thrilling activity challenges employees to be innovative. For this task, you will need a set of coloring materials such as pencils, watercolors and a sketch board.

To start the play:

  1. Organize up to ten seats and desks in a circle. Each colleague will get a sketch board with a set of coloring materials.
  2. The colleagues will sit at the displayed tables and make a Rangoli as the music plays.
  3. The music will stop in between, and then colleagues will have to leave their seats and move to the next seat to continue the coloring from where the last occupant stopped.
  4. The music will continue to play and stop at unsystematic times, and. Colleagues continue moving seats, adding to whatever craft they find themselves in.
  5. Anyone who is unable to move to the next seat before the music starts again will get removed from the event.
  6. You will remove the seats and drawing boards previously occupied by all removed participants.
  7. The coworkers will continue to rush to fill in seats as the music stops randomly. Anyone caught unseated when the music continues will get removed from the game.
  8. This activity will continue till two players.
  9. The player who finishes the Rangoli before the music halts, wins.

This activity is gripping and will give the colleagues a nice chuckle. This game is also an unforgettable event as the colleagues get to take home their incomplete or completed sketches.

11. Dance Gala

Dancing is a vital part of Indian tradition and also a big part of the Diwali celebrations. So, you can arrange a dance gala in the workplace for employees and colleagues. This is a fun event and all corporate employees can enjoy it despite their capability levels.

To arrange this event, hire cultural Indian dance artists to display your employees a couple of steps and moves. As you play some local Indian songs, allow the colleagues to show off their abilities as they move their bodies according to the beats. To make this activity even more thrilling, you can switch it into a competition, and the best dancer will go home with a reward. This amusing game motivates employees at the workplace to loosen up and engage in it.

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12. Game Time

This creative Diwali decoration idea is a fun time day devoted to playing various amusing games. You can use this activity to commemorate the Diwali festival. This task permits employees to connect and engage during the Diwali decorations

You can arrange games like board and card games. You can also mix a set of games into one with a reward at the end for teams or groups to win. You can turn these events into stages. The teams must work with each other to pass the first stage before going on to another.

To start this play:

  1. Bring a strong, long rope or tie the ends of two bedsheets all together.
  2. Divide the employees into male and female teams or groups.
  3. The male and female teams will stand at each end of the rope.
  4. You will make a line in between of both teams and whichever team supersedes in pulling the other over the line wins.
  5. At the end of the event, the teams will get rewards for each game they win.

The colleagues can play in teams of three or play in male and female groups, as long as the game does not put any of the teams at a limitation. This event permits colleagues to work together and develop ideas to help in the team’s victory and also to develop good friendships at the workplace.

13. Giving Sweets

The Diwali commemoration is a time to admire the sugary things in life. Friends and families distribute sweets during this moment. You can bring this culture to the workplace to show employees that you acknowledge and value them.

You can distribute cultural Indian sweets like kaju katli, gulab jamun, barfi or Rasmalai. Another remarkable plan is to display these sweets in tiny packages, which you will distribute to all employees. You will find these sugary sweets in any native Indian restaurant. To make this event more appealing and amusing , you can take the colleagues to a supper at local restaurants where they can enjoy these sweet desserts.

14. Cracker Show

As we know that Diwali is the Festival of Lights, it is generally celebrated with fireworks or crackers. You can arrange a cracker event for your employees after work to commemorate the Diwali decoration. You can use confetti poppers and laser lights. This event will create an optimistic ambience for employees and will permit them to interact and engage at their workplace.

15. Diwali DJ party

One of the most thrilling employee engagement events for Diwali celebration is arranging a DJ party at the office. Elevate the Diwali decoration at the workplace with a skilled DJ. To boost the spirit of the colleagues and add more enthusiasm to their energy, organize a DJ party for the office areas and have a full-blown Diwali gathering.


These creative Diwali decoration ideas for offices are the activities that employees can use to celebrate the Diwali festival at their workplace. These ideas include games, parties, and other activities that colleagues can enjoy to celebrate the Diwali festival.

These events include a Diwali Game time, rhythmic Chairs Rangoli, and a Talent display Show. These events help to encourage an embracing work environment, build work companionship and promote unity in the workplace.