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Self Growth SOS Tribe

Definition: Life of an Indian Kid: |applicable to adults too| 
They study something, then get into a job which has not “really much” to do with what they studied, and most importantly, they have certain passion which has literally nothing to do with their job & studies. #HonestDefinition

Once upon a time, with the “heartfelt desire & idea” to find an affordable way to travel for skilled people, Stay On Skill came into existence. Initially, SOS started providing sponsored stay + food at a destination of traveler’s choice across India, in exchange for his/her skills.

The concept evolved in the past 2 years and went through some serious transition phases & now it’s SOS Parties for travelers.

*Fast Forward*
SOS Parties for Travelers explained:

For Travelers: We provide various #SOSExperiences in the field of music, art, dance, DIY, Magic, comedy and a lot more so that your travels become more meaningful, you get to learn something new and meet amazing people through our group activities!

For Properties: We are a community of skilled travelers that provide varied experiences to guests at destination hotels & hostels.

For Experts: An opportunity to travel to exotic locations, showcase your talent among bigger set of audience, & a chance to perform with cherry-picked skilled experts from PAN India.

Why should you join #SOS Tribe?

1. Because it’s “SOS Tribe” (Read it loud)

It’s not any regular community. It’s a bunch of some crazy talented & awesome human beings. Imagine knowing and working with folks from different parts of India. Also, how often in life do you get to travel with people who are- singers, guitarists, chefs, photographers, choreographers, bloggers, painters, mandala artists, cinematographers, Instagrammers, etc.? Just one thing, all these people have something in common: Love for travel.

#SOSTribe is not just a hashtag, it’s an emotion!

2. It’s not about a free vacation, It’s about the “EXPERIENCE”

Life is too small for meaningless vacations! 
– Original by SOS

Trips are meant to be experiential. We are supposed to do things that we don’t do in our daily lives. We need to go out of our comfort zone and embrace the “randomness”, that trip has to offer. (another original by SOS)

A vacation has to be special. After all, you are spending a good 4320 – 5760 minutes of your life. Make it count, make it memorable.

SOS provides you a safe space and a platform to showcase your skills & create an experience for yourself as well as travelers who are attending the SOS Party.

3. Give “YOURSELF” a chance

Chance of what? Well, let’s accept the fact that it’s not easy to travel to some new place with random strangers. We, as humans, are used to living in our comfort zone. Especially when it comes to travel, we often want someone familiar to be around. With SOS, you get this chance to challenge yourself and at the same time, you won’t be travelling alone but with other SOS Tribe members. Such kind of a trip is not just a vacation but an experience in itself that one should take.

4. Increase the offline reach

Traveling somewhere and showcasing your skill multiplies your offline reach in terms of audience and helps a lot in networking. And it’s always good to connect with people from various parts of the country. And specifically, travelers. When you perform in your city, the reach is generally limited but while traveling with SOS, this is not the case.

5. A fully sponsored vacation

Are you sometimes jealous of those travel bloggers who keep on posting about their fancy vacations on Instagram while you continuously struggle with your 9 to 5 routine or college exams?

Don’t worry, you can also get a fully sponsored vacation in exchange for your skill. When you travel with Stay on Skill, your travel, food and stay is taken care of. Also, SOS suggests you an Itinerary for the place you are travelling to. Isn’t it just wow?

6. Digital Brand Building

Once you associate with Stay On Skill, you get exposure on Social Media of SOS, which majorly includes Instagram & Facebook. This, in turn, helps boost your personal profile and multiplies your reach on Social Media. And it’s not a one-time thing. You will see yourself multiple times on SOS Social Media Accounts. Once you become an SOS Expert, you will be a part of the SOS Tribe which is really close-knit.

7. Friendships

There are school friends, college friends, office friends, trip friends, then there are “SOS Friends”.

You never really go alone on any SOS vacation. There will be a bunch of strangers joining you on the trip. And that’s the real beauty of Stay On Skill. You met someone totally unknown from a different part of the country with a different background and skill set, and you spend your vacation with him or her. It’s exciting and adventurous in its own different ways.

One thing is for sure, once you travel with SOS, you will automatically be friends with the WHOLE #SOSTribe. And you can proudly say that you have friends everywhere in India.

8. Learn & Unlearn

Kaafi deep, right?

You can never be perfect in anything. You definitely could be better than a lot many people, but not perfect. When you travel with SOS, you meet a lot of strangers and there is a high possibility that you will be traveling with a fellow expert who shares the same skill set with you.

It’s an opportunity for you to learn and grow professionally.
+ Travel is the best teacher
Never stop learning!

9. Community Building

With SOS, you get to travel with skilled experts from PAN India. Not only you meet them, but you get to learn a lot from them. It’s not everyday that you meet with new people. But travel gives you this chance.

Needless to say, it has its own benefits. The biggest one being – community building. And the power of “community” is enormous. .

SOS Tribe is not any usual tribe. It’s a Khazaana of talent from all over India. Who wouldn’t wish to become a part of it?

9. Professional Training

It takes guts to follow your passion. Talking about “YOLO” is easier said than actually implementing it. Plus it is a big challenge to get any formal training from outside. All the Stay on skill experts are hand picked by the SOS Team.

They undergo professional training which includes:

  • Perfect introduction
  • Energizers
  • Ice breakers
  • Crowd engagement
  • Crowd work
  • Customized set list
  • Closing activities
  • Travel X

This is the benefit only SOS experts enjoy. That doesn’t only help in SOS parties but it’s a benefit that experts benefit from in long term.

Stay On Skill is India’s first startup which is giving young Indians a chance to showcase their skills at a bigger scale and at the same time, providing a chance to travel and explore. You meet so many amazing people, learn about different cultures

Needless to say, Travel is the best teacher (Once a wise man said).

Do you have a skill and wish to travel?
Stay on Skill is the answer. 

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