International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas and Activities for 2021
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March 8th is known as International Women’s Day and this day is devoted to celebrating women’s participation and their excellent skills in all avenues of life. After undertaking massive research and applying PnCs for the best possible Women’s Day Party, we are listing 8 foolproof International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas here. Happy scrolling!

1.Women’s Day Themed Décor Competition

International Womens Day Celebration ideas

The journey is, often, the destination. How about building up the enthusiasm to get everybody interested in it on the big day? Instead of outsourcing the job of putting up buntings, balloons and banners, team members are split into smaller teams and assigned various responsibilities. Since we have gone virtual, team can be asked to come up with DIY items of décor and gift those to each other. Do not forget to include posters documenting inspiring women’s stories as part of this! You can have a poster-making competition out of that too.

2. A cosplay/fashion show for Women’s Day

International Womens Day Celebration ideas Organize a costume contest. The theme can be Marvel superheroines or feminist Disney characters. Alternatively, you can have a color-coded party with your team. Arrange for a virtual fashion show where your team gets to bring out their favorite outfits which they couldn’t due to prolonged lockdowns.

3. Gifts and Coupons

Plan games and activities to rekindle healthy competition spirit among your employees. give out happening gifts such as shopping vouchers or coupons for ordering in a good meal. 

4. Gratitude, Greetings and Affirmations

Women empowerment day activities What could be better than sharing a thank you note to all the women for their contribution making your organization a great place to work at. Write a letter to self reminding yourself of all the amazing things you’re capable of.

5. Artify and Beautify

Onboard an art expert and have an expressive art session. Encourage your employees to express themselves through art forms such as Mandala or Doodling. Learning these art forms will be handy in stressful situations. It will also boost stress coping mechanisms as these art forms help you express negative emotions in a rather fruitful and constructive manner.

6. Hear Her Talk

Welcome a woman leader to talk about her successful journey to top. Your team will have a new perspective for achieving goals and new ideas will come to the fore. 

7. Company’s Got Talent

Women empowerment day activities Encourage women to highlight some of their secret talents. In your team, there could be a singer, a storyteller or a dancer that you do not know of. Encourage them to take the spotlight and exhibit their talents. You can also organise a contest if you are fortunate to have a large enough talent pool.

 8. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Invite a health professional and arrange for a discussion on health- mental as well as physical because it’s imperative to focus on both. Organize an online wellness activity wherein you can have a beginner’s yoga session, meditation camp, or a session with a nutritionist. Healthy employees make for a successful organization, after all. Contact us and utilize your opportunity to have a thoughtful celebration for your team.

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Activity Details

Activity typeTime
Let’s celebrate the womanhood–Opening the evening with the super soothing live musical performance5 mins
Who Runs The World? Girls!-Listen and be inspired as a female motivation coach joins in to share her inspiring journey of struggle, life battles, and victories-Fun activities20 mins
OR Breathe in Happiness, breathe out worries-Your health is like a bank account. Good health choices are good investments -We onboard a professional Wellness, Yoga and Meditation Expert for you to clear all your doubts & guide you about practicing the art of sustainable and mindful living-Got questions, bring them in!20 mins
The world-class belly dance performance – Now it’s time for you to relax and watch the world-class SOS Belly Dance Experts performance -The first of its kind SOS experience curated especially for you5 mins
Rock & Roll-Enjoy the live music concert with your favorite beverage -Don’t think twice to sing on melodious tunes with our expert female musician15 mins
Super Puppet, Super Fun-Enjoy the rare art of Ventriloquism with our female expert as she puts up a hilarious comedy routine with her puppet15 mins
Ending – Thanking and wishing everyone5 mins
Buffer10 mins
Total75 mins
Virtual International Women’s Day Celebration Lineup by SOSParty

Here are a few gift you can share to your friends on International Women’ s Day 2021: How women rise: Marshall Goldsmith and Sally Helgesen Lean in: Sheryl Sandberg Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert Exhausted to Energized: Dr. Libby The Art of Asking: Amanda Palmer How remarkable women lead: Joanna Barsh Becoming: Michelle Obama Good Night stories for Rebel Girls: Elena Favilli

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