Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic by the WHO. The first two waves of coronavirus gripped the world and caused large-scale destruction and deaths. With the speculation of a possible third wave, parents are worried and anxious about the risk it could pose to their children. Parents across the world are taking initiatives to make sure that the health and immunity of their children are not compromised. Parents are looking for How To Boost The Immunity Of Kids During COVID. While it is important to stay prepared, it is also crucial that you steer clear of any misinformation that might ruin your peace of mind.

Why do parents need to pay attention to boost the immunity of kids during COVID?

A disease like COVID-19 can be hard for children to understand. How your child responds to the restrictions will depend on their age and mentality level. Parents have to remember that their children don’t have the language or skills to talk about what is upsetting them. Parents should have to recognize the children’s behaviour and try to understand what children are feeling inside.

How working parents can boost their kid’s immunity?

We bring a virtual session on How To Boost The Immunity Of Kids During COVID for the corporate employees and their children. In this virtual session, we will engage corporate employees and their children in various activities to boost the immunity of the kids. 

Here are Unique Ways Corporate Employees to Increase Immunity of their Children During COVID:

1. Online Session With Paediatricians :

An enlightening virtual session on COVID Care for boosting Kids immunity. In an online session with the paediatrician, you can discuss Covid in children and its stats and trends from around the world. 

In This Session Paediatrician also discuss the following: 

1. Possibility of Covid 3rd wave due Delta plus variant

2. How to boost immunity in kids

3. Answer your queries on kids vaccination 

4. Sign and symptoms of Covid in children 

5. Masking and precautions for kids

2. Healthy Bytes – Online Wellness Session For Boosting Kids Immunity

A certified wellness expert cum chef who guides you to make the best healthy dishes for the body and also provides a balanced diet chart for your children. These healthy bytes session of quick recipes will recharge your child’s body and mind. 

3. Virtual Yoga Classes:

A daily dose yoga class led by a certified professional. These virtual yoga classes will boost metabolism and immunity, increase the body flexibility of the kids.

4. Abra ka Dabra- Virtual Magic Show:

A fun interactive session with a magician with the theme “Abra Ka Dabra” to make sure that the employees and their children participate in fun-filled games. In this session, the Magician will teach kids, how kids can learn and practise it with our professional.


Providing your children with healthy food, habits and atmosphere goes a long way. Parents’ love and attention make childhood the best experience for your precious kids. And always remember ” Prevention is better than the cure“.

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