5 Ultimate Goa Team Building Activities For Corporates in 2022
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“Team Building Activities”, Are you familiar with this term?

Maybe not!

But, do not worry, I will help you to get familiarize with it!!!

Team building activities are a great way to collaborate employees with each other. They can improve communication, motivation, and morale. These activities can be more interesting and hilarious if they host at a famous place like Goa. Goa beach team building activities have become quite popular. 

Corporate team building in Goa enhances the team spirit, experience, mood & refreshes their mind. Here we are going to share the best 5 Goa team building activities for office employees. 

Team building activities in Goa are the best icebreakers and give equal opportunities to everyone to pitch their best & enhance the productivity level of the team members. So, read this article to the end to find these creative Goa Beach team building activities for employee engagement.

So, let’s start. 

5 Best Goa Beach Team Building Activities and Games To Make Your Experience Unforgettable

1. Sand Art

What is a beach without a sandcastle? Right!!!

Make some creative arts with the team like some castle or fort. Use the sand, shells, rock, etc to make creative stand out. Set a time limit to make it exciting. And that creative stand out longer is the winner.

This activity helps to:

  • Collaborate employees with each other.
  • Planning and Strategizing.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills.
  • Managing resources and time.

2. Tug of War

virtual tug of war game


Separate teams into groups with an equal number of players. To perform this activity use a rope. Draw a line on the sand and have the groups stand out on either side of the line holding the rope in their hands. Then the groups pull each other to their respective side. The group which crosses the line loses. 

This corporate team building activity in Goa helps to:

  • Improve teamwork spirit.
  • Share new experiences with new employees.

Don’t forget to include your new and shy employees in this activity. 

3. Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics Team Building Games – Beach Olympics contain 5-10 rounds of relay games and various other outdoor team building activities. Employees are separated into 4 groups with an equal number of participants and play different games like- Scavenger hunts, volleyball & blind trust, etc. 

This activity helps:

  • to refresh employees’ minds, 
  • boost their moods and excitement,
  • and build a strong bond between them. 

4. Shark Tank Team Building Activity

Shark tank team building activity

Based on the popular TV show Shark Tank, this activity lets employees try their hands at product development, marketing, process improvement, and many other innovative ideas. This activity is full of fun, but the purpose of this activity for business and teamwork is serious. So, host an event for employees to try their best innovative ideas. 

This team building activity boosts:

  • employees’ confidence 
  • and collaborates them to work together. 

5. Musical Blankets

This game is similar to the classic musical chairs game, except towels are used instead of chairs. 

Beach towels are laid out on the sand except for one member. While you’re playing music, make them dance around the beach towels. When the music stops, the players must either sit or stand on a towel. 

The player who does not have a towel to stand on is out of the game. Remove one more towel and turn on the music to complete the process. The person who is still standing after a few rounds is declared the winner.

Let’s sum up the discussion here!

We have discussed the Goa team building activities and Games above. Hope these corporate activities encourage you. Include these activities and have fun by playing. As per my suggestion, the sand art (mentioned above) would be the best activity. Because on a beach playing with sand and making beautiful art is the best experience ever. 

So, let’s employees experience this great experience in Goa. This can also strengthen the bond between employees and they know each other better by helping to make the creative. So, host these creative bonding activities in Goa for your employees.

Or if you are now in confusion about how to prepare to host these team building activities for employees. Then don’t worry! Just contact us. As we successfully hosted many events like- offline Christmas party, office Holi party, and many more. 

Contact us now to get a free quotation for any events by today!

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