For decades the world has worked towards a greater preference for diversity in our daily life. From Civil Rights to the Black Lives Matter Movement, appreciating diversity and promoting inclusion is a key to a peaceful and prosperous society. Now, businesses are working very hard to execute D&I programs in their offices, to ensure that their employees are heard and seen. And it is always important to go to the next level. 

In daily life, it is essential to have a calendar that includes a variety of holidays and cultural events. This will increase the opportunities for inclusion in workplaces, schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

Here we are going to share a year-long Global Diversity Awareness Month Calendar, which includes a list of the religious festivals as well as a monthly diversity program to help you. 

So let’s check out this Global Diversity Awareness Month and International Events Calendar. 

April Diversity Calendar 2022

  • 17 April :- Easter Day (Across The Globe)
  • 13 to 15 April:- Songkran (Thailand)
  •  15 April:- Passover (Across The Globe)
  •  22 April:- Earth Day (Across The Globe) 

The benefit of this Global Diversity Awareness Month calendar is that you have an opportunity to promote diversity in the workplace in a unique way. By celebrating these international events & holidays in office you can engage and retain your employees. There are numerous activities and ideas on the internet to celebrate these events. And you can find numerous organizers also. 

But! The SOS PARTY ( an event organizer company) is a trusted company by many HR professionals and organizations across the world. Here your employees can experience the best experience in their life. Because we have 5000+ super skilled artists which engage your employees with fun engagement activities. For example- DIY upcycling workshops, Beach Olympics activities, etc. 

May International Events Calendar 2022

  • Asian Heritage Month:- (United States)
  • International Day of Families:- (Across The Globe)
  • Mental Health Awareness Month:- (USA)
  •  3 May:- Eid al-Fitr (Across The Globe) 
  •  8 May:- Buddha Day
  •  8 May:- Mother’s Day(Across The Globe)

These world cultural holidays for corporates are a great way to bring some energy & enthusiasm among employees. To do so, this diversity calendar helps you to plan any activities and ideas to celebrate these holidays. Like if you want to celebrate mothers’ day in office with your employees and their mothers, you can host any activity or event for them, or you can contact us.

SOSParty brings you unique activities, ideas & games, and icebreakers to deliver a fantastic event to your employees on Mother’s day. This activity contains more than that, if you want to know more about this activity, click here

In the same way, you can celebrate any event with us. Because over the last 3 years we have been the leading live entertaining organization in the world. Also, the world is talking about us now. This makes us the best employee engagement company. For example:-

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June International Diversity And Inclusion Day 2022 

  •  19 June:- Father’s Day (Across The Globe
  •  5 June:- World Environment Day (Across The Globe)
  •  21 June:- International Yoga Day (Across The Globe)
  • Pride Month/LGBTQ History Month

Happy employees can give you the best output, right!!! But you may be confused about how to make your employee happy? Then don’t worry. Use these international days & holidays as an opportunity to make your employees happy. 

Show them that you care for them and their mental & physical health, and value their work. To do so, host a yoga workshop for them that helps them to reduce their stress and refresh their mind. You can host some fun exciting games or activities to boost their mood. But, if you don’t know which activity to host to engage your employees, then visit here,

July World Festivals Calendar 2022 

  •  1 July:- International Reggae Day(USA, UK, Caribbean Islands)
  •  7 July:- World Chocolate Day (Across The Globe)
  •  18 July:- Black Awareness Day (USA)

Keep your employees’ energy and morale high these summers. You can celebrate these holidays like Black awareness day to encourage and motivate your employees. Organize an event with a motivational speaker/ keynote speaker to motivate your employees and boost their morale. Or you can simply contact us as we have the best keynote speaker in the world, See here.

August Diversity Calendar 2022

  •  9 August:- International Day of the World’s Indigenous People (Across The Globe)
  •  12 August:- International Youth Day ( Across The Globe)
  •  31 August:- Ganesh Chaturthi (India)

Use these diversity events to build a strong bond between your employees. Like, celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in Office with your employees. The employees with different backgrounds can experience the best ever new holy experience & feel connected with their colleagues and company. It increases the interpersonal understanding between coworkers.

So if you want to host these activities contact us or visit our website. 

September International Events Calendar 2022

  • 25 to 27 September :- Rosh Hashanah ( US, Israel, Canada, France, UK, Germany)
  • 15 September :- Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month (US)
  • 5 to 11 September :- Women’s Health Week (Australia)

To make your employees stronger both physically and mentally. host a workshop for them during Women’s health week and make your female employees happy. Show your employees how much you appreciate and care for them. This activity helps to engage your workers and boost their confidence and morale. 

So don’t waste any time, host an event or contact us. We have successfully delivered numerous events to our customers. Here are some of our clients and their testimonials.

October International Diversity And Inclusion Calendar

  • 24 October :- Diwali (Across The Globe)
  •  31 October:- Halloween (Across The Globe) 
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Unleash the fun and entertainment for your employees in this month of festivals. Like, Diwali is the favorite festival for everyone. So use this festival to engage your employees with a grand celebration. SOSParty brings you the essence of Diwali that immerses you in the festival spirit with the next level of energy & excitement. See this full activity, click here.

November Diversity Events Calendar

  •  24 November:- Thanksgiving (US)
  • 19 November – International Men’s Day (Across The Globe)
  •  1 November:- Native American Heritage Month (US) 

Make your small events and holidays specials with our International Events Calendar. Connect your employees and build their trust, develop and improve communication. 

December Diversity Calendar

  •  25 December:- Christmas (Across The Globe) 
  •  18 to 26 December:- Hanukkah (Across The Globe)

Don’t let your employees’ energy & morale low at the end of the year. Surprise them with the best activities & games to have fun in office. Or host an ultimate Christmas party for them to refresh their mood & boost their energy and morale high.

You can find any party ideas & activities on the internet. Or you can simply contact us to host a party for your employees and engage them. 

We hope you have enjoyed these world cultural holidays calendar for corporates. 

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