• April 22, 2024

On this big day of affection, love and happiness have started. In our increasingly hectic lives, it’s a little thing that matters to take a break and enjoy life’s every simple pleasure. It may be difficult for HR to plan Valentine’s Day Celebration activities as half of the employees work remotely. But, Employees always wait for this day, and if HR can make this day smashing and remarkable in office, it could boost bonding and productivity among the employees.

 Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to show your remote employees how much you appreciate them. And use this holiday as an opportunity to boost employee morale, increase employee engagement, and share some positivity. Valentine’s Day offers creative ways for managers, employees, and co-workers to engage in fun team-building activities and bonding. That’s why we have listed these Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day Virtual Party for Office. 

Let’s take a deep dive with these 8 Best Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day Virtual Party for Office.

The 8 Best Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day Virtual Party for Office

Virtual Lunch Party

A virtual lunch party is a great way to bring your team together, even if they’re not in the same place! Employees can choose any food they like and then come on a call with their co-workers and co-workers for some fun time.

It’s not just another boring conference call or meeting where everyone keeps staring at their screens. Participants will be able to see each other’s smiling faces as they eat delicious food together in real-time. Colleagues can also play some fun virtual activities to bond and celebrate friendships.

Throw a Virtual Party

A fun and great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your employees and colleagues is to plan a fantastic office Valentine’s Day party. You can provide some food, drink, games like board games, or video conferencing software where everyone can hang out and celebrate together.

Hosting an office party for Valentine’s Day brings the whole company together in one big event. Office parties offer employees fun office activities that they can do on their own or as a team and make everyone feel more connected and energized than ever before!

Do you want employees to engage in a unique team-building activity for Valentine’s Day? Then, don’t look any further! Cookie Baking Class will take your team to a behind-the-scenes view in the world of baking with some delicious recipes. And interior tips that will make their favorite chocolate chip cookies come alive!

Homemade cookies are always a delicious dish, but they get even better when you make them to include yourself or to share them with a particular person. In this class, participants will have to wear their baking hats, learn how easy it is to create a masterpiece with a well-known homemade cookie recipe. And also experience as an expert baker.

 Know More About a Colleagues

It is a great time to build a stronger bonding on this special occasion. Start by knowing more about your peers, like their likes and dislikes, brought up, and some funny moments in their childhood. Ask every employee to do guesswork about each other. This team-building activity will also help in boosting teamwork in the future.

Play Valentine’s Games

Involve your employees and colleagues in some of the teamwork games! Play the fun games of Valentine’s Day and take a quiz with your staff or co-workers to break the ice. Played in person or remotely through Zoom, these team-bonding fun games will lighten the mood in the office.

From hunting scavengers to the trivia quiz, playing Valentine games and quizzes is a foolproof way for all the people in the company to get close to each other and connect while having a blast.

Music Party

Can’t we imagine a party without music? Absolute yes, and Valentine’s party without music! Not clear. It’s a perfect idea to celebrate valentine’s day party. With the help of music, the whole atmosphere can turn into a happy and energetic environment.

On this special and unique day, if you are not with your partner, there is no need to be disappointed. Just make a video call and remember the old days or try to find new similarities and talk about anything you like the most. Some online games can also help you learn more about your partner.

Couple Entertainment Game

At this same time, you’re not able to go out with your loved one for an outing or celebration. However, SOS has got you covered when you speak of having a couple of celebrations online. In this game, we have a team of professional artists who make your night hilarious, and you can also add on the tarot card reader in this game to make it more interesting.

Give Flowers or Chocolates

Distribute happiness by giving flowers and chocolates to everyone in the office employee.  In this pandemic situation, for those employees who are working from home, it is necessary to make them happy and help them to get rid of their stress. It plays a very important role by making the bond strong between the employees and also gives good engagement & boost their productivity, which also helps the company.


We hope these ideas to celebrate valentine’s day virtual party for the office inspire you! The studies have acknowledged that employees are happier when they share a strong bond in the office. And HRs are responsible for solving every problem of the employees and making them feel happy in the office. This is the reason HRs are searching for employees engagement activities to satisfy them and boost their morale. That’s Why SOS has organized these kinds of events to engage your team employees. Contact Us if you want to organize some team-building event for your team free of cost. 

Activity details

Activity type Time
Fun Introductions and Icebreakers- Super fun beginning to the evening with lively games to warm up the atmosphere and enhance team morale 5 minutes
Dil Dhadakne Do -Office Fashion Show 5 minutes
Salsa Dance Performance -A supercharged live salsa performance by Latin dance professionals-Learn some trendy moves and show off to your friends and partners 10 minutes
Tareef Pe Tareef -Random acts of appreciation by employees for their team members-Enhanced team bonding 5 minutes
Live Violin Performance -Listen to the most melodious tunes of our times-Bring along with your life partners and enjoy the romantic evening 10 minutes
Ye Sham Mastani: Live Musical Concert- SOS brings the live music concert to your doorstep- Enjoy your drinks and snacks with our super musician 15 minutes
Ending-Awarding Booster employee of the day 5 minutes
Buffer 15 minutes
Total 70 minutes

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