8 Wonderful Ideas For HR To Celebrate Valentine Day Virtual Party For Office Team Workers
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Employee Engagement

On this big day of affection love and happiness has started, it may seem to be difficult for HR to plan activities for Valentine Day Celebration. Employees always wait for this day, and if HR can make this day smashing and remarkable in office, it could boost bonding as well as productivity among the employees.

Why should HR think of having activity on this day?

The studies have acknowledged that employees are happier when they share a strong bond in the office. We can find new ways and employee engagement activities to make the employee happy, and which helps to reduce their stress level which is increasing day by day due to this pandemic situation. We could have some yoga, mental exercises to give them relief from their stress.

Activities that we could have for engagement are:

1. Guess Game

Guess game Invite all the office members, as we could play this game. This game includes a card that can be given to each employee and they have to write what they think about that particular person or what you feel about that particular person and put that card on his/her table and don’t write their own name on the card and let them guess who wrote that.

2. Lunch Party

Throw a lunch party for every employee and if the office is not open and employees are working from home deliver some good food to their home. E.g. Pizza with brownie, etc.

3. Try to Know more about a colleague

Try to Know more about a colleague On this special occasion. It is Great time to build a stronger bonding, start by knowing more about your peers like what their likes and dislikes are, brought up, and some funny moments in their childhood. Ask every employee to do guesswork about each other. This team building activity will also help in boosting teamwork in future.

4. Decoration Contest within departments

We could add up some jazzing activity like decorating the best department will get a holiday trip or some other gifts. This activity will boost team bonding and let you know the most creative person in the team.

5. Valentine game

Best Ideas For HR To Celebrate Valentine Day For Office Team Workers In this valentine day game write team member names and put a chit in a bowl. If someone picks a chit, then he has to give a present to that person. Then the person name written on the chit has to gift/ present something to that person, who picks the chit

6. Healthy Game

In this game, SOS has the team of a professional chef who upskill you about healthy eating and it’s importance in life. They also educate you about how to get rid of stress by eating healthy detox food, which helps your body to detox and get re-energized

7. Couple Entertainment Game 

couple game At this same time, while you’re not able to go out with your loved one for an outing or celebration. However, SOS has got you covered when you speak of having couple of celebrations online. In this game, we have a team of professional artists who make your night hilarious and you can also add on the tarot card reader in this game to make it more interesting.

8. Give Flowers or Chocolates

Distribute happiness by giving flowers and chocolates to everyone in the office employee.  In this pandemic situation, for those employees who are working from home, it is necessary to make them happy and help them to get rid of their stress. It plays a very important role by making the bond strong between the employees and also gives good engagement & boost their productivity, which also helps the company.

If you are corporate teams & want to celebrate a valentine day party with the expert team :

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  3. Party Details -: Valentine’s Day Celebration for Office

Activity details

Activity typeTime
Fun Introductions and Icebreakers- Super fun beginning to the evening with lively games to warm up the atmosphere and enhance team morale5 minutes
Dil Dhadakne Do -Office Fashion Show5 minutes
Salsa Dance Performance -A supercharged live salsa performance by Latin dance professionals-Learn some trendy moves and show off to your friends and partners10 minutes
Tareef Pe Tareef -Random acts of appreciation by employees for their team members-Enhanced team bonding5 minutes
Live Violin Performance -Listen to the most melodious tunes of our times-Bring along with your life partners and enjoy the romantic evening10 minutes
Ye Sham Mastani: Live Musical Concert- SOS brings the live music concert to your doorstep- Enjoy your drinks and snacks with our super musician15 minutes
Ending-Awarding Booster employee of the day5 minutes
Buffer15 minutes
Total70 minutes

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