“Health is your responsibility. Creating health is about revitalizing your body, mind, emotions, and life energies to a higher level of functioning” – Sadhguru

In our hectic work-life and sedentary lifestyle, we often tend to ignore the rise of new kinds of lifestyle diseases. A healthy mind would contribute to a healthy body and soul. We should very carefully need to fuel our mind with goodness, positive thoughts, and by indulging in creative activities. Office ergonomics can help employees in being more comfortable at work and thus helps in increasing overall productivity.

What is World Health Day?

World Health Day is one of eight official global health campaigns marked by WHO, along with World Tuberculosis Day, World Immunization Week, World Malaria Day, World No Tobacco Day, World AIDS Day, World Blood Donor Day, and World Hepatitis Day. Every year the theme of World Health Day is different. Through these different themes, it seeks to draw the attention of the world to important aspects of global health.

The theme for world health day 2021 is Building a fairer, healthier world.

7 Healthy Activity ideas for the Workplace during Covid time:

1. Encourage Employees

Maintain workplace fitness for a little healthy competition and motivate them by giving some health awareness tips by teaching them to keep 10 to 20 feet distance from the laptop to protect eyes strain and pain.

2. Share Gifts

Exchange ideas on how to remain fit and experiences to celebrate World Health Day by sharing covid-19 essentials on desks e.g masks, pocket sanitizer, and immunity-boosting items.

3. Create Campaign

Create a World Health Day Campaign in the workplace by arranging virtual healthy activities for good productivity and post them on social media to spread awareness.

4. Mental Break

Create a quiet mental break in the office for the employees when they need it so that harmony in the mind can be achieved by doing so the quality of the work gets improved.

5. Share A Message

Collect photos, draw coaxial messages or quotes for World Health Day and share them with your colleagues and on digital platforms to spread the message to promote healthier living habits that increase the life expectancy of people around the world.

6. Inspire Creativity

 Obtain endorsements enlist the participation of athletes, celebrities, and government officials in events, conferences, workshops and conduct fun runs to inspire creativity, or develop a presentation for the office fitness champions.

7. Donate To The Needy

Encourage colleagues by offering flexible scheduling for World Health Day to donate the covid-19 essentials to the needy as the mandatory office celebration activity to encourage good health.

By following these few office ergonomics, protect your workforce from strain. Show kindness and appreciation for one another and build the health status of your organization.

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Activity details

Activity typeTime
Laughter Yoga– We open the wellness session on a positive note by inhaling tons of fresh air and bursting our lungs out – laughing5 minutes
5 Second Rule– A super fun team icebreaker that helps your colleagues connect with each other and laugh at the same time5 minutes
Exclusive Live Session with COVID-19 Doctor– Uncover ICU stories of a COVID-19 doctor/frontline worker
– Get practical tips to save yourself and your family from COVID-19
– QnA
20 minutes
Excuse Me!– A fun virtual icebreaker where everyone shares the weirdest excuses they have given to themselves to not workout!5 minutes
Work From Home Desk Workout– Learn how to stay physically healthy while working from home
– Learn the right posture to work
– Learn simple fitness exercises that prevent migraine, backache, and obesity
15 minutes
Live Ghatam Folk Instrumental– Experience this traditional folk instrument of Punjab with a renowned musician5 minutes
Award Health Ambassador of the Day3 minutes
Buffer5 minutes

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  3. Virtual Dance Party
  4. Online Office Game
  5. Online Employee Engagement

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