How awesome would it be if you get to make your teammates smile and have a party out of it?

If the idea struck a chord with you, you have the perfect opportunity to plan this year’s Virtual Thanksgiving, express gratitude to your team members, and have a gala time with our amazing Ideas for Virtual Thanksgiving Party. God knows everyone needs a generous dose of acknowledgment and smiles this year especially!

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Presenting 6 Fresh Ideas for Virtual Office Thanksgiving Party on Zoom During Covid with full of joy and gratitude.

1. The Online Gratitude Games

Got a teammate who makes your tasks smoother for you? A department that takes care of the core functioning of the organization should be acknowledged but you don’t know how to? Include some fun games and engaging activities for your team and say Thank You!

Ideas for virtual thanksgiving:- ShoutOut Virtual Photo Booth

Zoom thanksgiving ideas:- Connect with your team over a Zoom meeting. Ask everyone to select their signs of gratitude:

  1. a hand heart symbol,
  2. salute sign,
  3. taking a bow,
  4. hugging,
  5. thumbs up

Put the spotlight on each team member one by one, and take screenshots of the team members thanking their favorite colleagues.

Counting Your Blessings

At random, pick out members from the audience and ask them to recall what they are grateful for this year, the year of rather a precariousness and unpredictability. You’ll be surprised to see all the positivities that people will share with you.

Unsung Hero/Shero Appreciation

Online Thanksgiving Party – Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. Take a moment to think of the person from your workplace whom you are really thankful for – someone who brightens up your day and helps makes the office a joyful place.

Kindness Quest

A game where participants need to perform make-belief acts of kindness on Zoom to gain points. The first to perform most acts of kindness wins! This game will reinforce the importance of kindness in our times.

Little Things Matter Scavengers Hunt

In this online scavenger hunt ask your team members to go and click the pictures of things/people that they are most thankful for. Everyone gets only 2 mins to complete the task, and they have to collect at least 5 pictures. Once everyone is back, ask them to show the pictures they clicked and why they are thankful for the people/things in the picture.

2. The Musical Jamboree

Music goes with Thanksgiving like cranberry sauce with mashed potatoes! Onboard a local artist for your online party or just have a talented team member hum some melodies for you.

Virtual Couple Musical Chairs

This is a classic game with a twist. Get everyone to join the Zoom party as a couple (it could be husband-wife, brother-sister, father-daughter, friends, anyone).

Instructions for the game:

  1. Ask the couple to keep just one chair
  2. Get the musician to sing live songs
  3. Everyone starts dancing
  4. When the musician stops singing, whichever person from the couple sits on the chair, wins!
  5. Repeat this with multiple songs

Ye Sham Mastani Online Musical Concert

Turn on the flashlight of your mobile phones and jam along with the musician. Watch your Thanksgiving party turn into a private concert – exclusively for your team!

3. T for Thanksgiving, T for Tango

To add some jazz to a cozy and happy online experience, have a virtual dance party. Hire a professional dance / Zumba expert to take you through the dance party and get your groove with your team.

Types of dance instructors available best for virtual events:

  1. Zumba
  2. Bollybeats
  3. Salsa
  4. Tango
  5. Bhangra

Virtual Flash Mob

A virtual flash mob can be so much fun! A few of the team members can prepare a dance performance on the songs before hand. Zoom 5.0 allows you to spotlight multiple people at once (upto 10). Spotlight all the flashmob artists together, and enjoy a super synchronized performance virtually!

What’s your move?

A team member starts with a move and the next team member has to replicate it while adding their own move. This game is a firecracker and will ignite a lot of laughter and moments of fun when executed properly.

Dance pe chance!

Pick some famous Bollywood / pop songs and the team members who perform the hook step first – wins! Won’t it be fun watching some moonwalks performed by your colleagues? And how memorable!

Some famous Bollywood songs with memorable hook steps:

  1. Kajra re – Kajra re
  2. I am a Disco Dancer
  3. Ek pal ka jeena
  4. Jawani phir na aaye
  5. My name is Lakhan
  6. Mauja hi Mauja

4. Who’s the Masterchef?

What is Thanksgiving if it’s not for food? It may come as a head-scratcher as to how to incorporate the customary Dinner in a virtual event. There can be several alternatives to it such as:

Online Cooking Show

Invite a chef and have them prepare a few lip-smacking recipes. The interested one may follow along. You may wanna give a heads up to your team as to what all ingredients or prepared portions they may need to keep handy.

Online Cooking Show – Detox Party

Virtual Potluck Dinner

This one is simple. Dedicate a section of the party to just sitting together virtually and having dinner. One anecdote shared over dinner will bring lots of memories and make it one memorable Thanksgiving.

5. Sponsor a Smile

Thanksgiving is a festival where people volunteer with different charitable organizations. With the pandemic still being present, volunteering in a Soup Kitchen, unfortunately, remains out of question. Instead, you may raise funds and donate them to a credible charity at your discretion. You may also invite senior citizens living in Shelter homes and underprivileged children to your online musical concert and encourage them to share their life stories with you.

Virtual Thanksgiving Gratitude Party by SOS

6. Team Affirmations

As a team, you get to list your goals and strengths and say them out loud. Affirmations are the first step towards manifesting your achievements. And what better day than Thanksgiving to do that? The year is coming to an end and the hope for a brighter new year is bright. Let’s end 2020 on a positive note.

Online Thanksgiving Gratitude Party Execution:

Ideas for Virtual Thanksgiving – So, we see how Thanksgiving can be a perfect opportunity to express gratitude, acknowledge the efforts of your employees, and have a memorable time. Although a great deal of precision, design and research must go into planning the experience.

With SOSParty’s Virtual Thanksgiving Party for offices, you can unfold a memorable experience for your team without all the hustle.

That is how your Thanksgiving will look like with SOSParty:

Online Activity details

Activity typeTime
Intro and Icebreakers
– Little things matter
– Dil Dosti Selfie
– Tu Mera Hero/Shero
20 mins
Contemporary dance performance
– A contemporary dance performance by a trained professional that depicts thankfulness and invokes a sense of gratitude
5 mins
Hasso dil khol ke
– Live standup comedy: a gift of laughter and contentment to all your employees
20 mins
Kindness quest
– Team members collectively to gather points to unlock charity for a kids NGO
10 mins
Choti Choti Khushiyan – Online NGO Charity
– Invoking a sense of gratitude and responsibility towards society
10 mins
Ye sham mastani
– Live musical concert with Bollywood medleys and friendship themed songs
20 mins
– Thanking and wishing everyone
– Dance
10 mins
Buffer15 mins
Total110 mins

Virtual Thanksgiving Party Lineup by SOSParty

For all the details, click here!

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