12 Best Virtual Office Christmas Party Ideas for Corporates in 2020

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The month of December begins and everyone’s spirits soar high with hope and the happy vibes of Christmas. The Holiday Season means you get a free pass to The Land of Carefree. There’s a company of your well-wishers, gifts to exchange, and a whole lot of celebrations. There’s something to look forward to other than just working at your workplace.

The year 2020 brought along the ‘’new normal’’ and is the probable Grinch that may steal your Christmas. Luckily, the Internet will save Christmas 2020. The solution to keeping your traditional corporate Christmas party alive and kicking is simple- Go Online!

Let’s explore some easy to execute ideas to celebrate Christmas this year as you work-from-home and maintain safety.


List of Online Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is all about togetherness and celebration. To feel the sense of bonding with your team members, on a virtual medium, can be difficult but not impossible. Here are a few game ideas that can be played at your virtual party.

1. Draw me like your Christmas decoration

You can never go wrong with the classic Pictionary. Let the theme be X-mas and with every right clue, ask the right guesser to tell a nostalgic story associated with the object, and watch the team bond over their little anecdotes.

2. It’s the time for Xmas Bingo (Santa approved)

Prepare a bingo box with fun tasks to be done by the audience. Include elements like Dancing on a Carol or a simple question whether Eggnog is liked or disliked. The one to strike down all wins. The energy bomb that goes off while completion of the tasks is beyond awesome.

3.  Escape from the room, it’s Christmas outside!

Create break out rooms devoid of any festivities. Provide your office teams with clues to solve a certain mystery. The ones to solve first get to escape from the Boredom Land to Christmas Wonderland.

4.  Secret Santa

A corporate tradition that we can’t do without is Secret Santa. Send out e-gifts and vouchers to your team members and share the joy through your screens.

5.  Nice Or Naughty – Office list!

Prepare a list of alternative options inspired by events that occurred at your office during the year of WFH. You can also throw in relatable events like ‘Showered before clocking in’ ‘Didn’t shower before clocking in’ . Let Santa decide who’s been on the nicer side and who’s not. It’s going to be much more fun than it sounds. Prizes for the nice ones!

6. Spin it to Win it – Christmas Prizes

Share your screen on zoom and spin the wheel for winning gifts from Santa. Christmas is incomplete without gifts and putting little tasks to win those adds to the excitement.

7. Fa-La-La Fantastic Carol o’ Clock

Onboard a Caroler or just form your team carol group and make it a musical traditional affair. To make things interesting, start a carol and pass the buck to another team mate to finish the piece.

8.  Holiday Karaoke

Curate a list of holiday songs and have a super energetic karaoke face off. Nothing can up the vibe of a Christmas party like a classic ‘Last Christmas’ face off.

9. Miracle in a Magical time

Holidays are a hopeful time. Miracles are expected hence a magic-show suits the bill pretty perfectly. A sleight of hand will make your virtual ride on the X-Mas sleigh more magical. Hire a mentalist or the traditional magician and get your minds blown off.

10. Learn it, Perform it!

You may also sign up for a magic teacher and make it Hogwartz-y for your team. Learn magic tricks and walk into next year with knowledge of a wonderful craft.

11. Arty and Hearty Celebrations

Create some art with the on boarded origami expert or a painting expert from the very basics of stationary supplies. Keep them as souvenirs and years later you can look at that paper heart and think to yourself- it’s from that time when we had an online christmas party.

12. What’s in Store for 2021?

Take the vibe up a notch with a Tarot card reader and with some meditation to begin the session. Keep calm and get your angel messages read by the expert. 2020 has not been a joyride exactly and we all have our eyes on 2021. Let your office colleagues bond over their shared hopes and dreams for the coming year.

Get a Free Christmas Party for your Office

Register on our website, and

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Now You Can Get a Gudi Padwa Celebration Party absolutely Free* Fill This Form for Registration

    Activity details

    Activity type Time
    Intro and Icebreakers-
    Let’s go on a fun journey in a One Horse Open Sleigh- Shaka Laka Boom Boom: Everyone will be given 60 seconds to draw the face of any of their team member who is present on the screen with a thought bubble & they will write what this person would have asked from Santa as a gift on this Christmas
    10 minutes
    Live Christmas Carols-
    Opening the Christmas on a jolly good note- Carol singing with a superbly talented musician
    15 minutes
    Jadooyi Jashn- Let the magic begin. Be ready to have your mind thinking what just happened and how- A blend of visual tricks, mentalism and illusion 15 minutes
    Spin the Wheel of Prizes with Secret Santa-
    Christmas is incomplete without some surprise gifts- Our Secret Santa has got a lot of exciting gifts for you, all you have to do is spin the wheel of surprise- games : prizes to be won
    10 minutes
    Laut aaya Bachpan-
    Our Art expert will take you through a fun session of making your own Santa Caps, some Christmas stars and hearts
    15 minutes
    What’s Coming Up in 2021-
    Know what the cards have for you- Our Tarot Card expert will throw some light on what 2021 has for you
    15 minutes
    Make a Wish –
    Stocking Stuffer- Stuff your magical stockings with wishes for 2021
    5 minutes
    Thanking, and wishing everyone- Dance
    10 minutes
    Total 95 minutes

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